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Aesthetics and diverse gameplay is the secret in this map. In The Jungle Zone Wars, gamers duke it out on a map that is the older brother of the recognizable POI Stealthy Stronghold you see in Ch2. Jungle-themed surroundings and terrain make it far tougher to identify your opponents, and defeating them requires you to place in your greatest sport. Foliage blocks your path, and you’ll want to precisely predict your opponents plans to remain forward on this Zone Wars map!


Map Updates

Updated 1 month ago

- Tweaked chests, chest crates and world consumables
- Updated lootpool (again lol)
- Added more props in the primal village
- Additional polishing

Updated 3 months ago

- Added Raptor npc's
- Vaulted Legendary chest at tiny temple
- Updated special item spawns at player spawn.

Updated 4 months ago

*Replaced the Gruesome Gardens POI with a Crashed Plane & Primal Village*
- Added Epic/Legendary Hunting Rifle & Scoped AR
- Touched up foliage and terrain
- Updated player spawn area

Updated 5 months ago

- Tweaked player lootpool
- Replaced Special items with chests
- Added extra special items for each round
- Touched up some terrain/foliage
- Added many secrets :D

Updated 6 months ago

- Added 3 llamas (one in each circle rotation)
- More bananas!
- Tweaked Pre-Game Area
- Added more foliage ;P

Updated 7 months ago

- Added more bananas around most banana trees for health
- Reverted player chest spawns
- Increased POI chest spawns

Updated 7 months ago

- Added chests to player spawns
- Updated military outpost
- Added more foliage ;)

Updated 8 months ago

- Removed balcony platforms from player spawns
- Patched the river restricting player builds in spawn area.
- Updated the interior of the shark cliff
- added more foliage :)

Updated 8 months ago

- Patched Pre-game Spawn barrier/spawning glitch
- Added a uniquely destructible bridge connecting from shark cliff to tiny temple
- Vaulted gold pistol (spawn rate was too high compared to SMGs)
- Tweaked more terrain

Updated 8 months ago

- Completely remade pre-game spawn area (it's much smaller with an overview of the island)
- Switched up the loot pool, making Utility Drops much more valuable.
- Added more plants to Gruesome Gardens POI
- Nerfed Serpent Shrine next to Gruesome Gardens

Updated 8 months ago

Added waterfall/river located near players initial spawn area
Tweaked special items that spawn in utility catches


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Honestly, the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing map I have ever seen in my life! The detail in every aspect is just outstanding from a player’s point of view. This map seems to me like a satisfaction between creator’s standards and sweaty players standards- only a fool wouldn’t like this!

Map Videos

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  • 2 - 16 Players
  • 583 Copies
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