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🍌Fox's Jungle Zone Wars🍌

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Map Updates

February 17, 2021

Added waterfall/river located near players initial spawn area
Tweaked special items that spawn in utility catches

February 24, 2021

- Completely remade pre-game spawn area (it's much smaller with an overview of the island)
- Switched up the loot pool, making Utility Drops much more valuable.
- Added more plants to Gruesome Gardens POI
- Nerfed Serpent Shrine next to Gruesome Gardens

February 27, 2021

- Patched Pre-game Spawn barrier/spawning glitch
- Added a uniquely destructible bridge connecting from shark cliff to tiny temple
- Vaulted gold pistol (spawn rate was too high compared to SMGs)
- Tweaked more terrain

March 7, 2021

- Removed balcony platforms from player spawns
- Patched the river restricting player builds in spawn area.
- Updated the interior of the shark cliff
- added more foliage :)

April 7, 2021

- Added chests to player spawns
- Updated military outpost
- Added more foliage ;)

April 10, 2021

- Added more bananas around most banana trees for health
- Reverted player chest spawns
- Increased POI chest spawns

April 16, 2021

- Added 3 llamas (one in each circle rotation)
- More bananas!
- Tweaked Pre-Game Area
- Added more foliage ;P

Map Description

(2-16 players) Custom Terrain - 5 Unique POI's - Variety RNG Island Loot - Elimination Siphon


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How to play Fortnite Creative maps

The process of loading up a Fortnite Creative map can seem complicated if you've never done it before, but it's actually pretty straightforward.

Simply follow the steps below to load up a Fortnite Creative map in the game!

Step 1: Start Fortnite in 'Creative' mode

You'll have the option of choosing between 'Save the World", "Battle Royale", and "Creative". You'll want to select 'Creative' to load up a Fortnite Creative map in the game.

Step 2: Launch a Fortnite Creative Server

You have three options from here.

  • If you choose 'Island Code' you will be able to load up a map using a Fortnite Creative code.
  • If you choose 'Create' you will enter a private Creative Hub that only you can access.
  • If you choose 'Play' you will load a public server with random Fortnite Creative players.

For the purposes of loading up a Fortnite Creative map that you want to play just by yourself or with your party, select 'Island Code'.

Step 3: Enter the code for the map you want to play

Type in (or copy/paste) the map code you want to load up.

(Reminder: The map code for 🍌Fox's Jungle Zone Wars🍌 is 1541-4258-1328)

Step 5: Play the map!

Simply repeat this process any time you want to load up a new map. Have fun!

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