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Create your own gift factory, collect resources to upgrade the factory, explore the secrets of the city, and have fun.

قم بإنشاء مصنع الهدايا الخاص بك، اجمع الموارد لتطوير المصنع، استكشف أسرار المدينة، استمتع.

قم بانشاء مصنعك الخاص وقم بتطويره 🏭 Create your own factory

استكشف المنحدر الحاد، المدينة، الكهوف، الالغاز والمزيد 🏙️ Explore Mega Ramp, city, caves, puzzles and more

تقدمك سيكون محفوظ 💾 Your progress will be saved

Map Updates

6 months ago

Added challenges center.
Change the winter theme.
Added reset button.


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Jessica Parker

Where’s the last crystal located?


How do you get iron?


Thank you. I have been able to go on and finish my factory. It was fun but I am stuck on all the secrets. For instance I have found the stone circle on top the crystal cave but don’t know what to do with it to unlock the secret. Haven’t solved any of the others either. Any tips for them would be appreciated. Good job creating the map.


So I completed the path quest and found the key card and got into the ramp room. I have no idea though what to do with the stone circle on the crystal cave, how to get into the living room, or how to complete the ring challenge (I am guessing this is the ring in the sky near the mega ramp; I have went through that ring but nothing happened). Any hints would be great.


Thank you. I will work to complete these. I have enjoyed yours the most and will check out some of your other maps.


Thank you for the clues, it took a bit but I finally figured it out. I had a lot of fun.


Is the secret area on the ramp related to the living room? I unlocked the ramp area using the card I found and got the glowing item thing but nothing happened after that. I’ve unlocked all the secrets apart from the living room one. Can you assist in how I get into the living room?


I still can’t work it out. Any more hints?

Ryan Boehm

We’re is the path quest thing to get the key card


Does this game still get updated? Or is the person going to make it again on new 2.0 this was so fun to play!


how do you bet the path challenge


Donde encuentro el mineral de piedra


How do you find the carton for the last machine on the right ?


I love the game but where can I find power genarators

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🎁 Presents Factory | مصنع الهدايا 🎁

Copy » Paste » Play! Need Help?

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