🎄Unhappy Christmas Night🔪MurderMystery

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This is a Murder Mystery Christmas map with an excellent design and with some new and original mechanics. The trailer doesn't show it, but the map is packed with trivia. A fun and original MurderMystery set with a dark Christmas theme surrounded by Krmapus.

There are 3 classes: Innocent, Detective and Murderer.
-The Detective must kill the murderer, but if he kills an innocent he will also die and an innocent must pick up his weapon.
-The Innocent must discover who the murderer is and will also be able to collect apples which they can exchange for a weapon (coal).
-The Murderer must kill everyone, to do so he has a loving crossbow, lie to kill an innocent, gadgets that he can collect that are scattered around the map and can turn off the heating. If the innocents don't fix the heating in time, everyone will die.

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Verry good try it out

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  • 3 - 16 Players
  • 1.3k Copies
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🎄Unhappy Christmas Night🔪MurderMystery

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