🎣 Ultimate Fishing Tycoon Pro πŸ’―

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🎣 Ultimate Fishing Tycoon is The biggest fishing competition of the year! Be the first to reach 100 points to win. Higher-tier fishing spots have a greater chance for big fish. Fishing spots get randomized and have randomized locations, so players have to be the first to reach a better fishing spot to get the best fish. Players can also sell fish to buy utility items that make them reach fishing spots faster or distract enemies from fishing.

It is updated very frequently!

Play Now:Β https://epicgames.com/fn/9410-2959-0649


  • 🎣 The first player to get 100 points wins
  • πŸ’― Higher Tier fishing spots have greater chances for bigger fish
  • πŸ‘…Battle passΒ XP enabled
  • πŸŒƒ Randomized Fish Sizes & randomized fishing spot locations
  • ✨ Random fishing loot drops & randomized fishing loot pool
  • πŸ’° Sell fish & buy equipment to travel fast to higher-tier fishing spots or buy utility items to distract your opponents

Official Discord:

Join the official map and creator discord to report bugs, suggest features, be up to date on updates and new maps and unlock special ranks or solve puzzles to UNLOCK TOP SECRET Map-Features that can be enabled using certain secret actions πŸ™‚


Official Twitter (NEW):

Follow the official twitter to post screenshots or tag me in your posts and I will retweet your posts.

News always be posted to twitter first so be sure to follow!



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  • 1 - 12 Players
  • 44 Copies
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🎣 Ultimate Fishing Tycoon Pro πŸ’―

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