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🚚Avoid the Truckers until time runs out!
Will you survive?

Map Updates

3 months ago

Birthday Update is live!
Truck Pursuit is now 2 years old!

- New Track Route
- New Decor
- New LIMITED TIME free in-game VFX Trail!
(claim by August 26, 2023)

7 months ago

Daily Login rewards have been added! Earn XP and unlock a new VFX Trail!

Truck Pursuit has also finally been featured under Epic Picks!

12 months ago

The second annual Winter Update is live! With it come new map changes, bug fixes, improvements, and more! Check it out!

1 year ago

Happy Birthday Truck Pursuit! One Year old! :D

1 year ago

- New VFX Trails!
- New Rocket Rampage Event!
- Updated the ENTIRE Track!
- removed Flood mode

2 years ago

Added new track extensions, a new mode, new activities after being eliminated, improved XP, improved FPS, added achievements, and more!

2 years ago

Vehicle damage has been fixed; meaning Truck Pursuit is officially fully playable once again and Trucks can deal damage now!

2 years ago

Happy New Years! Take a look at the new Fireworks during night!
Caged mode has been removed until vehicle damage is fixed, which at the earliest will possibly be Jan. 18th, according to Epic.

2 years ago

Winter is here! A new map extension has been added in the form of a glacier, the night lights have changed, and the festivities have begun! Battle Pass XP challenges coming next!


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I don’t know if anyone has said anything yet, but the game isn’t working. When a truck hits the car. The car doesn’t explode. The truck just flies over the car. I was hoping you would look into that bug/issue because the game isn’t fun anymore due to that bug. Thanks. Have a nice day.


Ok, thank you. Hope your game gets unbugged.


Thank you for unbugging the game. It’s alot more fun 🙂


Ok, I am at a loss on how to get the coin on top of the center tunnel. So frustrating, I love it!!!!


Hey FalconStrikeFilms, I was playing today and somehow there might be a bug in the game. It’s glitching horribly and the steering is out of control. Please fix this. Thanks, and have a good day.


Ok, Thank you. The car steering isn’t the biggest problem though. The game itself may have a bug due to its glitching. Thanks for replying and have a wonderful Saturday.

Alex Garcia

Some of the ramps that are built in are making the whiplashes bug and hit the rim that is sticking out of the build and it makes the car slow down making the car either fall in the water or get rammed easier please look into this because it’s not just one ramp it’s multiple thank you for your time


@Alex Garcia is right, lately when the whiplash goes on a ramp, it will most likely either slow down, causing the car to fall into the water or the truck will land on the car almost all the time. Not only that but the small wood ramps are also doing it. Causing us whiplashes not being able to go higher so when we go on those ramps, making the trucks easy to hit us. And on last problem, that new mode, Flood, well, somehow in that tunnel where there is another tiny tunnel you can drop out of, well during that mode, flood, some people can drive through the water and just sit up there, and they win the round without question. It’s getting very annoying, and I hope you can fix those problems. Thanks, and have a great rest of your day.


This map is amazing but if you fall over then you cant flip the car and thats a big problem i absolutely hate it! Hopefully you can fix this!!!

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Crainer Plays Truck Pursuit!

Truck Pursuit is back!

  • 2 - 16 Players
  • 2.1k Copies
  • Published
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