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🆕NEW MAP "Coastal" (BETA)
👥2-6 Players
💣Search & Destroy
🗺4 Maps In One!
🎫Account Levels
🎨Trail Cosmetics
💰Economy System
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Map Updates

3 months ago

v2.0 Patch Notes (10/05/22)

-The Map "Coastal (BETA)" has been temporarily removed.
-The "Splash" trail is no longer obtainable.

-Added an account level system, level up to earn borders and rewards.

-Added Sprinting & Sliding.
-Bomb interactions have been made clearer.
-The bomb keycard can no longer get stuck when dropped next to a bomb.
-There is no longer a delay on bomb explosions.
-Clearer indication of which bomb has been planted on the mini map.
-Added small map changes to "Refinery" and "Metro".
-Added the Auto Shotgun back.
-Added the Charge SMG.
-Swapped the DMR for the Hunter Bolt Sniper.
-Removed reserve shotgun ammo.
-Lowered the amount of SMG ammo.
-Swapped the green Sidearm Pistol for the blue variant.
-Increased the price of the LMG.
-The stat tracked in the shop has been swapped from elims to score.
-Lots of other Quality of Life changes.

P.S. I took a break from creative but I plan to get back into updating FUSE-SHOT on a regular basis, have fun :)

5 months ago

=Version 1.5=

-NEW MAP "Coastal" (BETA)
-New trail "Splash" (Only obtainable via Summer 2022.)

-You can now return to the buy room during buy period.
-Removed Machine Pistol.
-Switched the Drum Shotgun to the Primal Shotgun.
-Added Makeshift Rifle.
-A lot of price/weapon changes.
-Lowered the amount of starting shotgun ammo.

5 months ago

=Version 1.4=

-Added Mechanical Parts, earn them by playing. (They save in your inventory.)
-Added cosmetic trails, unlock them with Mech Parts.

-Defender side spawn sizes have been increased on all maps.
-You now always start with 50 shield.
-You can now join games that have already started.

-Removed music.

6 months ago

=Version 1.3=

-Fixed a bug where you would get knocked.
-Double barrel price change -> 150
-Hopefully* fixed a bug that would cause items to be dropped instead of being added to your inventory.

6 months ago

=Version 1.2=

-Visual bug fixes.

-Mythic heavy sniper added.
-Six shooter added.
-Heavy sniper price change -> 360
-Minigun price change -> 480
-Drum shotgun price change -> 220
-Ranger shotgun swapped for double barrel.
-Removed sliding.
-Slightly decreased player movement speed.

-Added a SAC room.

6 months ago

=Version 1.1=

-Visual map updates to Metro.

-Added Bomb's Keycard Dropped text upon being dropped.
-A sound queue plays when defenders get close to a planted bomb.

-Fixed a bug where XP would be awarded even on lose.
-Added XP for playing!* (calibrating)

6 months ago

=Version 1.0=

-New Map "Metro".

-Economy OVERHAUL.
-Round length changed 2:00 -> 1:30
-Shield amount saves.
-You no longer start with shield.
-Added proximity mines.

-Added XP for playing!* (calibrating)
-TONS of quality of life changes and other changes.
-Squashed TONS of bugs.

6 months ago

=BETA Version 0.5=

-New Map "Metro" (BETA).

-Added a revive system.
-Shield amount saves over rounds.
-You no longer spawn with shield.

-Lobby redesign.
-Added a picture of the selected map in the buy room.
-Added XP for playing!!!


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