Fox's Free For All

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Enjoy this no building PvPvE arena with your friends; fine tune your aim by pinning both Bot and Player enemies in this one of a kind, earn coins to purchase or upgrade weapons and items to use in this gun fight FFA arena while earning battle pass XP while you play!
(16 player support)

Map Updates

7 months ago

- Added Guard NPC's
(They spawn in with randomized vaulted weapons, max of 15 will spawn, and will respawn 5 seconds after eliminated)
- Updated Weapon Room
- Tweaked a few misc things

9 months ago

- Added variety of small buildings throughout the arena
- Changed up props in arena
- Switched up Special Items

11 months ago

- Updated foliage around the four gunfight areas
- Added Ch3 S1 Weapons
- Added more military props for cover and tighter angles
- Enabled XP Allocates

1 year ago

Weapons Room Update
- Dropped coin prices for all weapon upgrades
- Updated weapons room design
- Added spotlights


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  • 2 - 20 Players
  • 164 Copies
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Fox's Free For All

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