🧟Land of the Undead - Openworld V1.7🧟

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Land of the Undead is a giant open-world map packed with many custom mechanics to ensure it is fun for every kind of player.

It is updated very frequently and so far I have spent over 100+ hours building it.


  • 🗺 Openworld (15+ Hidden Areas)
    🧑🏼‍🚀 Earn gold and equipment with custom quests and while exploring and fighting and level up your character
    🧙 Surive endless waves of fiends in the arena, summon bosses for more challenge or beat the deadly Dungeon
  • 🏆 20 + Custom Achievemets
  • 👅Battlepass XP enabled
  • 🔮 Custom Unlockable Bonus Dimension System
  • 💾 Progress is automatically saved
  • 🌃 Dynamic day & night cycle mechanic (wolf raids at night)
  • ✨ Custom random event system featuring 8+ randomly accouring events (Void Leak, Skydive Zone, Hyper Tunnel Event)
  • 💰 Offering box and gambling machine mechanics

Official Discord:

Join the official map and creator discord to report bugs, suggest features, be up to date on updates and new maps and unlock special ranks or solve puzzles to UNLOCK TOP SECRET Map-Features that can be enabled using certain secret actions 🙂


Current Map Overview:

Upcoming Features:

  • Quest System V2.0 with dynamic quests and different rewards
  • More Random Events
  • Addiditional Dimensional Bonus Doors
  • Prestige Stystem

Thanks for reading 🙂

Map Updates

2 weeks ago

- Feature: Charactere Leveling
- Feature: Added Character Level 2: 150 Health , 50 Shield
- Feature: Added Character Level 3: 200 Health , 100 Shield
- Feature: Added Character Level 4: 250 Health , 150 Shield
- Feature: Added Character Level 5: 300 Health 200 Shield
- Feature: 1 New Achievement
- Feature: Added new shield keg item

- Change: The Winter Portal has moved to another location
- Change: The Boss in the Dungeon is now less hard to find
- Change: Support a creator button moved to spawnn
- Change: Changed weekly discounted weaponns
- Change: added indicator where to shoot to get to the secret discord room in the map
- Change: added a new chest to the dungeon
- Change: Changed lootpools of enemys slightly

- Bugfix: Various out of bounds fixes
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the dungeonn
- Bugfix: Fixed the ice mountains bbeing visible from the desert area

1 month ago

- Feature: New Huge Area: Underground Dungeon
- Feature: New Dungeon Chests
- Feature: New Boss
- Feature: Several new secret areas

- Change: Better Minimap Legend
- Change: The Nutcrackers secret safe is now easier to crack
- Change: The Nutcrackers house slightly changed
- Change: Random Events every 3 minutes instead of 50 seconds. Events now also last 3 minutes.
- Change: The raptor cave has been restructured

- Bugfix: Fixed some misplaced objects
- Bugfix: Fixed several out of bounds exploits

Hotfix Soon Live:
Dungeon chests do not display for everyone

1 month ago

- Feature: New Winterfest Portal at the spawn
- Feature: Presents can be looted and contain different random items
- Feature: New area: Icy Forest (Winterfest)
- Feature: New area: Raptorcave
- Feature: New area (Secret): Discord zone
- Feature: Animals now drop bones (chicken and boar = 1 , wolf = 2 , Raptor = 3)
- Feature: Added 1 more secret door containing a special weapon
- Feature: Added secret discord room (Guide following soon)
- Feature: The vendor now sells a spawn teleporter device for 500 gold
- Feature: Added a weekly discounted weapons machine to the credits area
- Feature: Added more mythic weapons
- Feature: Added several new secrets
- Feature: Added 2 super secret areas
- Feature: Added 3 new Achievements

- Change: 3 Achievements have been changned
- Change: Hidden loot stashes have been replaced with new glowinng lootchests (They will always be lootable by a player even if another player has opened it shortly before)
- Change: More bushes and trees have been added
- Change: The Vendor now gives you 30 gold for 25 bones
- Change: Changed lootpool of the golden boss
- Change: Removed npc that said the magic pond portal will open soon
- Change: Removed 1 secret that was way easy to to find (At its position a magic labyrinth door will open soon)

- Bugfix: Fixed several coins glitching through the floor
- Bugfix: The vendor now has an interaction time of 1 second to slightly counter spamming the free airstrike event
- Bugfix: Added invisble world barriers
- Bugfix: The offering now grants random weapons
- Bugfix: Fixed several out of bounds glitches
- Bugfix: removed quartz crystals from the lootpools
- Bugfix: Added missing indicators to magic doors and big doors
- Bugfix: Increased magic door key placement zones to be better visible
- Bugfix: Added missing magic key placing indicators

1 month ago

- Feature: Added 4 Mythic Weapons
- Bugfix: Random Events do not overlap for every player
- Bugfix: Time does not change as often
- Change: Day & Night Cycle Every 3 Minutes
- Change: Events every 50 Seconds
- Added: Discord Link and special coins
- Added: Super Secret Room

1 month ago

- Added custom day & night cycle mechanic
- Added 8 Random Events
- Added 3 unlockable doors with bonus areas to the void dimension (+ Secrets)
- 2 new secret areas
- New Magic Key item
- New fun items locked behind magic doors :)


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🧟Land of the Undead - Openworld V1.7🧟

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