🧭Taloria II: Wild Lands

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In Heroica II, you will explore a vast and immersive open world as you journey through dangerous lands and undertake epic quests as an adventurer.


Features include:

- Fully working leveling system (10 levels, each level has more XP, unlocks per level, XP earned by fighting and looting)

- MANA system (Use MANA to cast powerful spells, MANA automatically recharges based on your current spell)

- Spellbook system (Find spell books around the map to equip different spells, some spells might require a certain level)

- Buff & Debuff system (Various buffs & debuffs i.e. weakness, strength, poison, burning)

- Classes with CUSTOM perks (Life steal, Luck, Lock picking, MANA gain, etc.)

- Tourist mode (Invincible, no HUD, on XP gain, unlimited sprint)

- Huge open world

- Unlockable quick travel system

- 100+ Dialogue popups with multiple branching dialogue trees

- Randomized dialogue options

- Dynamic quests (Currently only 1), that unlock doing special things / listening to certain dialogues

- A bunch of lore and story 🙂

- Randomized looting system like in heroica 1 with common to legendary loot chests

- Praying system and praying box mechanic

- Potion and Herb mechanic (Potions will randomly drop from enemies granting effects like MANA gain, health gain, cure poison, and more :))

Upcoming features (not in play test version yet):

- Randomized dungeons

- Building houses

- More dialogues and quests

- More spellbooks

- MANA altars where you can refill your MANA


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🧭Taloria II: Wild Lands

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