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40 Level Greenbox Deathrun

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Map Description

Can u complete all Level ? Creatorcode: Apfel Instagram: Apfel.Yt YouTube: Apfel


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Deathrun Critique
Rating :

Nothing special or unique about this deathrun. One level didnt even have death barriers for when you failed (bounce onto wall speedboosts) seemed rushed and stuck for ideas as the amount of traps and trap tunnels although easy seemed unnecessary. Also being a 40 level deathrun one level was a single trap Jump and 4 neos each side made into 4 levels.

I think thos should be advertised as a deafult deathrun.

My biggest no no was every single level yoire code was plastered on and there isnt any need the start and end would be suffice.

Last edited 27 days ago by Deathrun Critique

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