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Welcome to Blizzard Royale, the open world party game!

Blizzard Royale was created for a way to hangout with your friends similar to Party Royale and have multiple activities to do and see.
Blizzard Royale features multiple things to do.
Box Fights- Standard box fights with 4 loadouts and build resets
Zombie Outbreak- Hop into the Ice Cave and eliminate an infinite wave of Zombies
Race Track- Race your friends around the track on quad crashers.
Mining- Mine ore around the island to turn in for gold to purchase fun items and rewards.
Mushroom Mountain- Forage mushrooms to turn in for gold to purchase fun items and rewards.
Mountain Climbing- Extreme Parkour to the top of the tallest peak
Fashion Show- Host Controlled Fashion Show
Replay Rooms- Rooms made for replay videos and photos for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and more!
Blizzard Royale can be played how you want to play. Game is able to be enjoyed both solo and with friends!

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  • 1 - 30 Players
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