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Dux Build Battles FFA/1v1

Dux Build Battles FFA/1v1

Seperate 1v1 and Free For All Arena (FFA) easily enter and leave at any time, spectator box to watch 1v1’s, count the scores with the pads, big 16 player free for all arena, fight it out to try get most kills to prove your skill, if necessary you can take it to the 1v1 arena to really find out who is better. Too many builds? After 30 minutes all the builds reset so you can play on without ending game and resetting kills. Map code 9058-2297-2408 or click the link to save for later: Use code Dux in the item shop for more!

Sniper One Shot

Snipers only, one shot = one kill See who has the best sniping skills

Map Description

Seperate free for all and 1v1 arena! Best build battles map fortnite creative!

Build Battles v2 video


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