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Vote across 3 different maps to play CTF/TDM in 3 different ways // Capture 7 flags or 100 eliminations to win! 5vs5

Cast your votes on the map/game mode type to be played for that round
(if no vote is cast during the count down, a map will randomly be selected)
(if a tie is casted, there is a priority selection switch)
(Symbiosis>Tug of Snipers)(Tug of Snipers>Combusto)(Cumbusto>Sysmbiosis)

 Current map selections:

  1. Tug of Snipers (Fight over control of the center platform to CTF quicker with Hunting rifles, sawed offs & jetpacks)
  2. Symbiosis (Classic CTF with bridge that opens on a 2 minute timer, an rpg spawns on the bridge. Drop it and the bridge resets)
  3. Combusto (High platforms surrounding the edges of the map. Impulses, ARs & snipers. Avoid the center *cross fire)

Each map/game type has it's own set of guns
More maps/game types to be added soon

Map Updates

Updated 1 week ago

Final updates made

Better performance for switch players but still may crash

Updated 2 weeks ago

Classes updated

Voting Lobby updated

Work-around for inventory issue implemented

Switch players have better performance but still may crash*

Updated 2 weeks ago

Performance issues for Switch Players *May crash game :(

Updated 2 weeks ago

Voting system performance updates

Map updates

lobby updates

More defining team visuals

Updated 2 weeks ago

Performance update


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Map Videos

No map videos yet.

  • 2 - 10 Players
  • 14 Copies
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