Crashbank Prison: Infection


Map Updates

January 23, 2021

Classes balances will be made today

February 1, 2021

Updated the location of where the infected spawn in

The infected will now auto-launch into the prison
Zombies now spawn around Infected spawn, 5000 HP not intended to be killed (Intended to stop the survivors camping at the spawn location at the beginning of the game)

February 3, 2021

Joker Class update (Damage reduced to 50%)

Strong Class update (More shadow bombs added)

Zombie now able to be killed (IF infected LURE the zombies through the prison to kill hiders) Warning zombies will still kill infected

February 4, 2021

Spawn on next round turned on

NEW POI LOCATION [The Wardens Office]
Located inbetween [The Garage], [The Hospital], and [Cell Block C]
This POI reduces travel time to other POIs

February 5, 2021

Joker Class update (Damage reduced to 25%)(HP increased to 125)

Strong Class update (Damage reduced to 75%)(Hp increased to 350)

Fast Class update (Damage reduced to 50%)(HP Increased to 200)


February 6, 2021

VAULT has been changed to "Cave"
Cell Block C has been changed to "Cell Block A"
Cell Block D has been Changed to "Cell Block B"
Office has been changed to "Detectives Office"

Library has been added, 1 Prisoner Cell Building has been removed
Vault has been added/Updated into a POI, Located inside cave (Not accessible atm)
A 2nd story has been added to 1 of the Prisoner Cell Buildings in Cell Block A
A Basket ball court has been added to Cell Block B, Cell Block B now significantly smaller

February 6, 2021

New Booster Classes added

Damage Booster Class added to Infected Team
Start with 12 Stink Grenades 12 Shadow Bombs (100% Damage)
Health Booster Class added to Survivor Team
Start with 150 Health and 50 shield (100 shield max) AR & Shotguns

Booster classes can be purchased for 25 Gold

5 Gold per kill
5 Gold per round
25 Gold for starting infection

February 7, 2021

Changed direction and power of bouncer for infected

Infected will receive 1 coin for every spawn/Death

Fixed bugs regarding items and economy

Key cards have been scattered throughout the prison
Find all 3 to access the VAULT
12 possible locations to find Key Cards, 3 will randomly spawn each game
Key cards spawn first after class selection phases has ended then every 2 minutes until the game ends.

VAULT is a secure location with a great advantage point for the SURVIVOR to hide out till the end, after key cards are used door opens in 1 minutes.

February 9, 2021

VAULT update Inside is 3 chests, each with 5 mini-guns and a few thousand rounds of ammunition

Class balances: DMG booster class now costs 50 gold, 6 stink bombs were replaced with the harpoon gun

Map Description

SURVIVE the INFECTION or be devoured by it!

(Team based survival / Infection game mode) (Different Infection Types having different abilities) 16 player game Mode [No zombies]

Survive 8 minutes, over 10 POI's to explore, hide and fight to survive in!

15 Players spawn on a team1, 1 player spawns on the opposing team2.
When members of Team 1 die, they will respawn on Team 2 until there are no members of Team1 are left.
Team2 wins
However if Team1 is able to survive by means of hiding and eliminating off team2  (Each member has 5 Lives)

Prisoner/Guards (Survivors) select a class before the game starts
3 classes to choose from

Guaranteed AR
Chance of Pistol, SMG or Shotgun as a side arm
Grenades, Clingers and Fish as utility
Guaranteed Shotgun
Guaranteed Pistol as a side arm
Mines and 2 stacks of minis (12)  as utility
Guaranteed Sniper
Chance of Pistol, SMG or Shotgun as a sidearm
Grenades, Smoke Grenades and Bandages as utility

Guaranteed AR & Shotgun
5 Bandages, 4 Mini shields and 6 remote explosives
150 HP MAX (100% start) 100 SHLD MAX (50% start)

Infected types (More info added in a few)
(New LURE mechanics added)
(LURE zombies through the prison to help aid in eliminating survivors)

12 Stink Grenades, 4 impulses
200 HP (fast) (50% Damage)

12 Shadow Bombs, 4 ice grenades, 2 stink grenades
 350 HP (Very Slow) (75% Damage)
Grappler & Harpoon gun, Bandage Bazooka
100 Hp (Slow) (25% Damage)

6 Stink Grenades, 12 Shadow Bombs, Harpoon gun
200 HP MAX (100% start) 100 SHLD MAX (50% start)


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(Reminder: The map code for Crashbank Prison: Infection is 3207-9334-0968)

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