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Blade Creations

About Us

Blade Creations is a Fortnite Creative build team consisting of experienced game developers within the industry putting together talents to produce high-quality content available for the Fortnite player base. Founded in early 2021, we were quick to set out our first set of creations proving successful and later securing deals with computer component company, WD_Black and famous gaming YouTuber, Loserfruit. Our work has been recognised within the Fortnite Creative scene and through social media. We offer commissions of brand exposure, custom-built Fortnite material and enjoyable game experiences for all alongside continuous efforts of team projects and games.


✦ Worked with Loserfruit
✦ Worked with Western Digital WD_Black
✦ Worked with Yalla Esports
✦ 6x Up & Coming Features
✦ 3x FCHQ Features

Combined Achievements

✦ Over 15 million map plays
✦ 18x Epic Features
✦ 57x Up & Coming Features
✦ 45x FCHQ Features
✦ 2x LTM Features

*For more information, head to: https://www.bladecreations.com/*

Join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bladecreations

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Support bladecreations by using their code in the item shop.