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My Name is Tact, I’m a Fortnite Creative Content Creator, who just enjoys making and playing games. Sometimes in creative, I like to go back and fix or remake old creations of mine to make them more up to date (such as my Mini BR Maps and my FFA Arena.)

I’m the owner of Tactical Industries, our sort of “team brand” to give ourselves a little more sense of professionalism. Honestly, T.I. isn’t a Creative Team though, it’s more of as Content Creation Team. The Members include myself, Eclipscycle and Pyro.

I stream on YouTube a lot, quite often making maps or just playing Fortnite in general. You can see us make creations from the ground up there. We also do Public Playtesting Streams somewhat frequently for upcoming maps or creations. You can find Eclipse occasionally streaming on Twitch under his name, and Pyro plays competitive Fortnite; starting his YouTube sometime in 2021.

I’m also the creator of the Hyperverse Initiative, a Project that’s existence is to help bring the Creative Community together to create one, giant Metaverse within Fortnite Creative Mode.

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