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Hey there,

What can I say, I’m an oldie at 52 years young and go by the handle ‘TMGB Razoola’ in Fortnite circles but everyone calls me Raz.

I have been drawn to Fortnite Creative in the hope that one day more Save the World assets will be available for use. This along with the potential of Creative v2.0 interests me a lot given my history in games development in years long past. I love Save the World and if I’m not in Creative I’ll probably be somewhere killing husks or rescuing survivors.

I’m an approachable guy, if you should find an issue in any of my map creations, don’t be afraid to reach out and ping me in the official FCHQ discord. I appreciate all kinds of feedback, good and bad.

Maybe one day, I’ll bump into you in the Creative world, until that day though, peace out.


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