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Mining colony Atlas-M9 was expecting a supply freighter. But one lightspeed miscalculation into an asteroid belt obliterated the ship, sending a massive meteor shower hurtling towards the colony. Orbital scans detected the threat, but it may just be too late…

Version: #1, Initial Release
Last Updated: 2/1/2019
Memory Usage: 49.5k
Playstyle: 2-8 player FFA w/ Sky Spawns


  • The treelines and the quarry/mine were designed in a way that limits lines of sight across the whole map. This prevents highground on buildings from being overly dominaint when landing early-game.
  • The mine has a handful of alternate tunnels in and out through the rocks. Use them to your advantage!


  • Airfield
    • Freighter Landing Pad
    • Small Craft Landing Bays x2
    • War Room w/ Hologram Console
    • Air Traffic Control Room
  • Command Center
    • Lobby
    • Cryogenic Pods x4
    • Generator Room
    • Super Computer
    • Control Room
    • Warehouse
  • Nexus (Colony Hub)
    • Lobby
    • Botany Lab
    • Archives
    • Medical Wing
    • Trade Offices
    • Commissary
  • The Stacks (Colony Housing)
    • Housing Units x3
    • Residential Landing Pad
    • Communal Laundry Room
    • Convenience Store
  • Quarry
    • Mine w/ Meteor Impact
    • Saw Drill Excavator
    • Surface Laser Drills x3
    • Fracking Towers x2
    • Crashed Satellite
  • Forest
    • Meteor Impact Sites x3
    • Small Ponds x5
    • Greenhouse


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  • Avatar

    So excited to see another one of your maps out, thanks for posting it! Your video was fantastic, really fit the theme of this map well, looking forward to jumping in and playing soon

    • RSGMercenary

      Thanks for the kind words! It’s always great to hear when someone appreciates the work you put into something. 🙂 I’ve never really done any extensive video editing before, so it’s just free software and learning as I go. But I’m glad it fit the map well!


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