Deepspace Disaster

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Mining colony Atlas-M9 was expecting a supply freighter. But one lightspeed miscalculation into an asteroid belt obliterated the ship, sending a massive meteor shower hurtling towards the colony. Orbital scans detected the threat, but it may just be too late…

Version: #1, Initial Release
Last Updated: 2/1/2019
Memory Usage: 49.5k
Playstyle: 2-8 player FFA w/ Sky Spawns


  • The treelines and the quarry/mine were designed in a way that limits lines of sight across the whole map. This prevents highground on buildings from being overly dominaint when landing early-game.
  • The mine has a handful of alternate tunnels in and out through the rocks. Use them to your advantage!


  • Airfield
    • Freighter Landing Pad
    • Small Craft Landing Bays x2
    • War Room w/ Hologram Console
    • Air Traffic Control Room
  • Command Center
    • Lobby
    • Cryogenic Pods x4
    • Generator Room
    • Super Computer
    • Control Room
    • Warehouse
  • Nexus (Colony Hub)
    • Lobby
    • Botany Lab
    • Archives
    • Medical Wing
    • Trade Offices
    • Commissary
  • The Stacks (Colony Housing)
    • Housing Units x3
    • Residential Landing Pad
    • Communal Laundry Room
    • Convenience Store
  • Quarry
    • Mine w/ Meteor Impact
    • Saw Drill Excavator
    • Surface Laser Drills x3
    • Fracking Towers x2
    • Crashed Satellite
  • Forest
    • Meteor Impact Sites x3
    • Small Ponds x5
    • Greenhouse


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