DrEurope’s Eli Cup! | FFA Box Fight

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My 1st FFA (free for all) Box Fight ? map in Fortnite Creative. On this box fight map it’s all about total eliminations. You got 10 rounds to beat your friends and get the most amount of kills! Perfect for elimination cups and tournaments. Also really good for aggressive play practise.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Goodluck! ?

Use Creator Code: DrEurope #ad

I’m DrEurope and I stream on Twitch. On my streams we play Fortnite Creative Games & Customs. This could be FFA Box Fights, Hide & Seek, Fashion Shows, Racing Maps, 1v1’s, DrEurope Says and much more! We are a positive and cool community that focuses on playing together, having fun, being respectful and competitive šŸ˜‰

? My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dreurope

DrEurope’s Eli Cup! | FFA Box FightDrEurope’s Eli Cup! | FFA Box Fight
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