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The year is 2036. With the Earth’s fossil fuels all but depleted, humanity plunges into an energy crisis. EcoTech Energy is on the bleeding edge of renewable energy technology, but will it be enough?

Version: #1, Initial Release
Last Updated: 6/26/2019
Memory Usage: 50.0k
Playstyle: 2-16 player FFA/TDM, Siphon Rules, Sky Spawns


  • The nuclear cooling towers are unstable! Break the core open to reveal mobility out of the compound.
  • The compound has many sewers, service tunnels, and hidden passageways. Use them for stealth… or to find some hidden loot.
  • Jump on rushing water to launch yourself up or out of the dam and waterfall.


  • Main Gate + Watchtower
  • Main Bridge
  • Main Office (15+ Unique Spaces)
  • Nuclear Cooling Towers x2
  • Wastewater Runoff
  • Hydroelectric Dam + Control Room
  • Hydroelectric Mill + Control Room
  • Solar Panel Array + Control Room
  • Electric Transformers x4
  • Electric Power Station
  • Supply Warehouse + Dockyard
  • Movable Service Bridge
  • Water Filtration + Service Walkway
  • Waterfall
  • Countless Sewers + Service Tunnels + Hidden Passageways
  • And much more! Take a look around!


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