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✔4 Player Farming Tycoon!🌾
✔Upgrade your farm!📈
✔Can now load truck with crops to sell!💪
✔Plants have different growth stages!🌾
✔Feed chickens for eggs!👨‍🌾
✔Forage for mushrooms!🌳
✔New apple tree!🍎
✔New secret money maker! 💰

👑Launch rocket to win 👑

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How do you get butter?!


I need to know this too! We searched and searched but couldn’t figure it out


It’s hidden randomly throughout the map. I’ve found 3 spots so far. Not really worth it though tbh. Only sells for 150 in spawn and even less in the middle market.


where on the map did you find the butter? i just want to find it at this point its driving me crazy lol


oh wait nevermind you said randomly so maybe not


Sorry if I mislead by saying randomly. So far I have found a stack of one butter in the spawn area. It was past the store in the grass near one of the trees on the right side before you get to the zone you have to purchase. The second one I found was a stack of 5 and it was in the second area(cabbage area) on the left side as you come in. It’s near the beach, but up on the grass on the side of the hill over there. The third and final one I have located was in the last area with the pumpkins. It was on the far back left corner on the grass, behind the area that costs a million to open. It had 10 butter. The way I found them was using the dirt bike from the second area to ride around until I saw the prompt for it. It should say press X(or whatever your interact button is) to interact or something to that effect. It doesn’t actually say pickup butter, but it will give you the butter when you interact with it. The butter doesn’t actually appear on the ground. so you just have to look for the interactable. I hope this helps and feel free to reply if you have any other questions.


Butter comes from butterflies. Around trees if you run under blue butterflies you will get an e to interact.


Will it autosave your progress if you leave?


It doesn’t auto save. We got super far into it and left, went back and it started from the beginning.

Andrew E

No they need to have that it at least saves your coins or it’s pointless having to restart completely we were having fun and when we went to test if it saves it doesn’t. I know I can save coins other creative maps have done that so it can be done

Alexander Beable



How do we get ammo? Is there a way to purchase or craft?


All weapons in this server have unlimited ammo, vehicles have unlimited fuel etc.


When we first played there was only 10 ammo in the gun and once it ran out, that was it. Nice to know that it’s been updated for that at least.


Oh wow, that would suck in the wolf den only having ten bullets.


The guns do not have unlimited ammo. Whatever it has when you buy it is all you get. And we found no place to get more without buying a new gun.

Alexis Epling

How do you feed the chickens


You just drop the corn in the chicken coop

Andrew E

Throw corn


If you drop a stack the chickens eat it like it’s just one egg. You have to throw it out with space between the piece of corn. The auto feeder in the coup near the cabbage area is the best way to do eggs


Please make it to where it can save! Tired of making so much progress just to lose it all.


I will not be playing this map until auto save is added. It’s amazing, and you can progress far if you know what to do, but losing all progress when you leave is so frustrating.


That’s not even the worst part. After a few hours (about 4) the server resets and you are thrown out.


Fully unlocked the first two sections of the map then my game server auto reset. Spent 4 hours playing with a friend for literally nothing.


Not playing again until auto save is available. Thought the map was great until I lost all progress.


Made it to the last area and saved up 600k from pumpkins and meat just to have the server reset. It would be nearly impossible to beat in current state, but the map is so good! PLEASE ADD AUTOSAVE!!!!


I join the petition for that.


How the hell do ya beat this there anit nooo way!!

Andrew E

Please add auto save


Para que sirve el silo???


wait how do you save


You can’t


This is probably dumb but how do you get apples


Raging that game doesn’t save got kicked from server just before I had enough to open last farm site and started back at zero what a waste of 4 hours for nothing


Please make it so we can safe it🤞🏼🤞🏼 we love this game but there is no way to play it fully without saving because of the server lifetime!


NEEDS save function + where do i get a second truck?


You can’t. We have tried two times. It will take your gold but you don’t get the second truck. 1250 gold wasted. Same is true for the auto corn silo button. 2000 gold wasted.

Joseph Rable

How do you get a billion coins we have done everything in the map and it will literally take forever at this rate? Is there an Easter egg or something that we need to find? I have got the ray gun which is pointless and not better than the $200,000 smg.


This game mode is bogus… creator was really really stingy with the gold. Mining gun costs 20k gold but just destroys the nodes and gets bugged out if you empty the magazine… Butter is super duper rare but only sells for 150. Crops don’t stack very high in inv, and you can only have 1 truck. I accept that a game like this has to be grindy, but it is impossible to finish this in the 4 hours before the server shuts down. The systems that the creator made are really neat and the gameplay is solid. Creator if you read this please fix the mining gun or disable it, and please give us some slack here… this is too hard.

Last edited 1 month ago by glenn

We started at 11pm and by 3am we had everything completed in game. It’s possible but understanding the made is key. We had easily over 4 million coins when we got off. The issue is you can’t get to a billion to take off with the rocket. We did it with 3 people. You can get to the third area unlock in an hour if you are efficient and know how to run it right.


Yea that’s what I was saying, it’s impossible to beat the map. Sorry if I was being unclear.


Dude what are you talking about. you say in one sentence “It’s possible” then a couple sentences later say “The issue is you can’t get to a billion to take off with the rocket.” So which is it?


It’s possible to beat the farming game and have everything done and bought. The end game of rocket not possible


The game clearly says “Fire the rocket to win the game”

Winning the game is the point. Beating the map is not winning.


Not possible. Should have save feature. You can still add saving feature and keep the rocket as a final achievement. Currently pointless to play this map. Look at how many people agree… because it’s true. If creator wants, make a hardcore version with no save and include a leaderboard for world to see… but currently you can’t even beat the map anyways and if you did, who cares with no leaderboard.


I played this game hard only for the server to end. It takes way to long to progress. There needs to be a better way to earn money in order to ever finish the game before the server ends. I loved it very much but because I can never finish I feel like I wasted my time.


Just been playing this game AGAIN for the last 4 hours just opened the last farm area and once again the server has closed and kicked us off. All that work for nothing…. who do I need to contact for this???


Ive been grinding this thing for days analyzing every area mathematically to see how fast to get to the pumpkins and the 1million gold hill, even farmed the final hill with smgs for the last 10 min or so. It just doesnt seem possible.


Same. Four adults working smartly and together. It’s just not doable.


a backup system would be perfect, because there’s no time to do everything 🙏


Boa noite o mapa é muito bom gostei bastante da jogabilidade, queria apenas sugerir que tivesse o modo progresso porque ter que fica reiniciando do 0 toda vez e meio cansativo e perco o brilho de jogar novamente.
Do restante o mapa está legal fica aqui minha sugestão pra deixa modo progresso seria mais interessante.


Was this designed to be impossible in 4 hours? Mathematically even if you have 4 smgs in the final area farming the max you could get in 4 hours is around100mil… way short of the 1billion required for launch.


Make it saveable , make the gold mine 10k gold per hit…. then it might be possible but still really challenging. Or drop the rocket price to 10mil. Then maybe


Why cant we save progress?????


Just got kicked due to server server life…. I actually am pretty disappointed in this. Thanks for the fun but unless there’s a save feature added I’ll probably never play again.

Alexander Beable

When is farm life 3 out please tell me I love your maps


If I’m not mistaken, there is a kind of farmlife 3. The map code is 5279-8109-8955.
It’s called Farm Island, but I’m quite sure it was called Farm Life 3 at the beginning. At least it’s from the same creator.


Map super bien fait mais il faut ajouter la sauvegarde, car on a pas le temps de la finir
je suis venu avec 4 potes exprès on a pas pu la fini…


This game is fun to play. played it like 4 times with my partner and friends; and only kept getting halfway of unlocking the third farm. Would be nice if there was auto save ; or the timer being extended to at least 6-9 hrs so we can finish the game. It feels like this game was purposely made for no one to win. I’d love to see what happens in the end; or if anyone has that would be cool to see at least.


There is a youtube video, that shows what happens at the end. It’s not very spectacular and the guy did it through a glitch. A few weeks ago there was a switch available at the side of the rocket which automatically wins you the game and costs nothing. But it was removed.

But I also vote for a save option. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Creative 2.0 doesnt support that (yet).


i cannot buy the meat silo does it work for anyone else, pls help


Take off the server shut down time we barely get time to get the house


This is for any Fortnite server. Four hours is the limit. He needs to add saving feature.


Question. We used to get XP when doing this mode and now we don’t. Did it change and there’s no XP given or is it a glitch?


Omg I thought I was the only one who noticed!!! Yes! We used to get XP for only being in the game mode, and now we don’t get any at all. I hope we get compensated or they add it back.


I can live with the fact that this game is unwinable, but the music is where I draw the line. I had to put my sound effects at 0 just to play and that’s so unfortunate. Please remove the music entirely or add an option for the player to turn it off.


How do you get meat to automatically go in meat silo where the wolves are.


Where is the secret money maker at?

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