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I like the new sell stations, 1 touch sell all.


You made the game worse than the previous one. The only thing anyone wanted you to do was add saves to it. Making the mushroom spawner not automatic anymore is a big flaw. Why would you pay for something that has the same refresh rate as the wild item and it can’t even stack.


You did read the sign that says save coming to uefn soon right? I will agree that the mushrooms not auto generating was a bit saddening. But everything else has been great so far.


I withdraw my position on not Liking the mushroom plots, after actually getting them all and seeing how they work (more than just a few seconds of “oh they spawned let’s harvest, oh I only get one!?”) they are still enjoyable. While they do not generate items constantly, they do get huge and you can hit them multiple times and get a lot of mushrooms out of them and they regrow.


The Pink marbled Dino eggs(in the 2nd farm) only sell 1 at a time. They also do not give any gold when sold.
The Tractors are cool but it seems they force everyone to ride but only one person gets the ore.


Thanks I will fix this as soon as I can


Kunt u er alstublieft voor zorgen dat uw voortgang wordt opgeslagen, en als u dat heeft gedaan, kunt u mij dit laten weten.

Barrault Ryan

Hello, we have a bug, with the boars and wolves. They don’t spawn while we pay for it… And it’s the same for the chicken of green dino eggs.


My previous map was having the same error but I still havent figured out how to fix it yet. Seems to work for most but not all. Sorry


I am stuck in the tractor please help me idk how to get out


How can I get out of the tractor


Can you please make it so your progress saves, and if you did can you let me know.


I played this map two times and I wish I could have those 8 hours of my life back. Initially I played alone and it was very slow moving as some tycoon games are, but usually they pick up pretty quickly at SOME POINT. At no juncture was I ever close to anything. I was struggle busing it the whole time and didn’t even realize that the server was restarting and I only made it to the second farming area and there’s no save feature. So 4 hours and I only made it to the second farm. I played again tonight with my friend determined to complete the map and thought with two of us, we could do it. Even with 2 people playing for 4 solid hours we literally completed the map with 40 seconds to spare. The “price” points on items are so low, it’s next to impossible to “level up” in a timely manner. Theres also bugs which I will list below.

-You already know about the dinosaur eggs.
– chickens peck the hired shooter to death after a period of time/or he just vanishes. Happened both times.
– the animals escape all over the map.
– The first barn of mushrooms there’s a glitch with the first mushroom on the left. If you harvest it completely, it doesn’t grow back. It did this both times I played.
– the final “crop” to unlock was meat and it is beyond flawed. The wolves eat their own meat so you’re not able to collect it. If you do try you have to fight off wolves and doge bullets because you take damage in the game. The turret that cost way too much, is manually operated and so by the time you shoot a couple wolves, the rest in the pin have already eaten it!
-you can’t drive a car by mistake into any harvesting field. It destroys them permanently.
– if you play with anyone else and you get inside one of the tractors to mine, it visually forces all teammates into the tractor so they aren’t able to farm anywhere else. Nor do they gain any of whatever is being mined. So if my friend wanted to use the tractor to mine silver, and I was somewhere else harvesting it would stop me.
– the “prices” need to be changed. This game was a constant financial struggle from start to finish.
– no special mushroom in farm area 1 but there’s one in farm area 2 & 3. The last one (red) cannot be harvested. So it was thousands for no reason.
-if someone rides in the back of the truck or passenger seat while your selling crops, they get the gold.
– there’s a shed that mentions “bugs” but no info given to report them.
– not so much a glitch but the implemented 10 strike limit for ore on the entire map really was a huge downfall in the game. I assume it’s to keep people in the game longer? But harvesting ore in every other tycoon map I’ve ever played you can strike stones/crystals as many times as you want. It’s truly needed for “leveling up”.
– you can die in the game. It’s not normal to be able to die in a tycoon map. But we each died once. Well, knocked. The raptors attack, the boars and chickens as well and you take bullet damage from the hired shooters. There’s no way to buy shield. If your going to make it so that you take damage than you need ability to heal.


Did the your progress also didn’t save


Currently there is no save feature


I solo’d this in about 3 hours. And the map isn’t fully finished yet. However I was able to earn the 2 million to “buy the private island”.

There are peelys eggs laying around 3 easy to access. And 2 in the water. Those alone will get you 115 gold. Unlock the first pet and start feeding him chickens 54 gold per chicken. If you take damage gathering the eggs/roasted chicken, eat corn, it heals for 10 hp each. Use this to unlock the other areas. Get the mine and go to town, if your solo ride the tractor for about 10 minute’s. You should be able to unlock the second farm in no time

This method won’t work for each area. But I guarantee if you stay busy and on the highest earning crop/mining activity, you will finish the game in plenty of time.

Get that diamond mine at the last area and you’ll have the 2 mil in no time. Personally this map is much more chill than the last island. Sure there are bugs but none of them will hinder you from finishing in time.

Last edited 2 months ago by Apeman

Just finished again.

Made it to the second farm in roughly 40 minutes, 3rd farm in another 30 minutes. Then about an hour or so to earn the 2 mil. This was solo.


I stand by everything I said in my previous statement including the glitches and value of items and me and my friends prefer to make sure everything is unlocked otherwise you truly didn’t “finish”. We made it to the diamond mine but it was too late. We were just glad to unlock it. You can eat for heals but there’s no sheild. Nothing to consume from shield. Trust me, we stayed busy. There wasn’t a time where we weren’t except when we were both trapped in the tractors. The game isn’t bad but it’s needs work and that’s why I commented hoping to improve it. Me and my friend play all the tycoon maps and never have we struggled so much time wise because of the low value of items and high prices to unlock areas.


I finished in 2.5 hours. And I can unlock everything with plenty of time to spare. Not sure what you guys are doing that’s different. I feel like everything is balanced pretty good.


I think that in my review I echoed many of your points, but I definitely disagree on not feeling like you are able to finish the game with friends. I can’t imagine a situation where 2 people alone would struggle to finish the map, unless they aren’t engaging with the big money makers (farming and mining). I too am sure I can solo this map with plenty of time to spare, so I guess I wonder what’s happening on your end. Are you guys not dropping money between each other to split the costs? I feel like the cost of items was a fair criticism in the second one or even the first one, but 2 million is so easy it’s almost too easy because of diamond harvesting. By the way, you can get shield by using a scythe on animals or by eating the shield fish that you can fish from the pond.


Sorry I will try to fix these issues thanks


Has the map changed since my initial comment? Willing to try it again if improvements were made.

Last edited 25 days ago by MdMaven

My friends and I have been playing Farmlife since its first iteration, and I think this is truly our favorite so far. We had a blast on all 3 of our runs.
Here’s what we liked:
-Easier to plant
-Sprint is longer and the upgrades make moving around much less of a chore
-New sell stations – 1 click
-More farms to keep everyone in a group of 4 occupied
-Remotes including sell all remote

Issues we noticed:
-Fishing should immediately regen to give the 4th player on the farm something constant to do. It doesn’t make enough money to warrant the longer cooldown.
-Tractor should be changed so that it doesn’t send everyone into that screen (this was an AMAZING addition to keep everyone in the group actively contributing)
-Unable to end game by buying private island
-Final farm meat items are too expensive. We started skipping that entirely to buy diamond.
-Pets need to be removed or made into true AI pets that can’t move

This is a great map, and one of the best on fortnite IMO. Thanks for continuing to make better advancements with every iteration.


Thank for the feedback and kind words. I will continue to fix and improve!


Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for future maps!


Hey, are you able to change Farmlife 3 so that people can join private sessions in progress. My friends are able to do so for 1 and 2 but not 3 for some reasons.


I could allow it however then random people would also join if your private is off. Also I am afraid of people having a worse experience the first time they play because most likely they would be joining a game that has already started


Is there a discord or Twitter for farmlife? Where are people submitting their scores? I’d like to join.


I really hope you reconsider because if people have private lobbies, randoms couldn’t join. I play with my little cousins (who LOVE this game) but sometimes they have to get off for a few minutes for homework, and it won’t let them back in & we have to start all over. It says it’s a joinable game, but won’t let people join


Got addicted to Farmlife 2 and now Farmlife 3 lol. My only issue is I am often playing alone because other players leave and the island doesn’t fill with other players.

Also, the hint to plant the first corn in the latest update is kinda annoying lol.


Hello, any time on when saves/new island comes out?


I beat the island grinded to 100 million by myself with 2 minutes to spare, where do I upload my run time? I have screenshots if needed. Great game thanks for all the hard work Blind 🙂


Wow nice send it to my twitter @blind. Thanks


There are a few glitches I’ve noticed – both when using the tractor and fishing, I’ve gotten stuck on a screen with no exit button. I’ve tried going back to the lobby, but then I’m not able to get back in the game with my friends. Would it be possible to fix those glitches and also allow people to join games in progress?


Just saw they added saves today and I’m super excited. Now I’m just waiting for them to add saves to farm Island 😊


Actually I’m not really sure if I’m doing it wrong or saves isn’t working


Tried to use the save/load feature and my saved game did not load upon reentering the map.


I keep running into an issue where I can’t drive any vehicles. I’ll be able to drive for about five seconds and then it slows to a stop and won’t move!


My friend and I had the same issue. We were both on PC using mouse and keyboard. We had someone else on PC using controller and she had no issues.


I’m having an issue where even tho I saved, if I quit and go back in, then hit load, it won’t load my progress


Am I missing something with the new save feature? I was SOOO excited when I saw the update. I played for hours. Later I went back to play and it didn’t save any of my progress, just my gold. I would rather it save everything except the gold if it has to be that way. I would play this map ALL the time if progress saved.


Why when I save the world and leave and come back after saving I have to re buy everything?


This map has an awful bug when I spawn in the map, I am in the sea under the earth and I can not get out of it!!


I had that happen a few times also. I kept moving and eventually went up on the beach and was able to play. Very strange bug for sure.


I am stuck in the mining tractor how do I get out


I am wondering why when I save my game it only saves some of the money and none of the progress I have made? I was all the way up to harvesting wheat and now back to nothing.


1. Amazing map, great job, this is seriously a whole game in a game

2. The trucks sometimes glitch and will not let me drive them, always happens when I stop but will also randomly happen while moving. Only solution is to pickaxe truck to respawn

3. The save only saved our loadouts/inventory 🥺 no progress. Was super sad and probably won’t play again unless this gets fixed because I don’t usually have many hours uninterrupted to play. Is there any fix to this?


Bonjour j’ai joué à se jeu et il bug on a joué plus de 5h et d’un coup sa nous a marqué une heure de service et sa nous a quitté après avoir relancer la partie nous avons plus notre progression


Hi Blind, very nice map, we enjoyed a lot. However when we transport to new island after time finished we find ourselves under the water. We cannot play again. Is there a server limitation? How can we continue with our progress in the new map?


I like the game. The problem is that many times I try to join the game and it spawns me under the water. I can’t play when that happens. Why does it do this, and how do I stop it from happening?


Finally added the ability to save unfortunately progress doesn’t save. The only thing that ends up saving for me is whatevers in my bag/inventory


the truck is broken in farm life 3, can’t turn and have to destroy it in between loading it every single time

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