FN-Bombers' "Capture the flag extreme"

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Capture the flag...

2 Teams, Red vs Blue, fight for the entertainment of giant mech bears!

...in a different way!

Choose between 6 different classes and use traps to defend your base! Steal the enemys flag while your team protect your own.

Special Thanks

Thanks for @gurkis to help me make this awesome spawn lobby 🙂

Please leave me a some Feedback and Rating in the comment section below, if you play the map 🙂

Map Updates

1 year ago

1. Boom Bow Class -50 health
2. Respawn time for every Class -5 sec
3. Stairs not blocked anymore, only turret
4. Flag 3 tiles nearer to the doors
5. Added a Flash particle on the random itemspawner when a item spawns
6. Added a sign to see where enemys flag is and where your base is when you pick up the flag
7. Set spawn immunity to 5 seconds
8. Damage barriers in enemy base now prevent spawncamping


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Great Map 😱. Very many details and nice map design.

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  • 8 - 12 Players
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