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Hide & Seek map - Use the Snowmen to blend in! Creator Code - Mseymour7

How To Play

• Team 1 are the Hiders • Team 2 are the seekers (Make sure to choose your team before starting the game, there can only be 1 Seeker.)

The Seeker will start the 10min countdown and the Hiders will have until the timer hits 8:30 to hide.

•The Seeker must hunt down the Hiders using only a silenced pistol

•The Hiders cannot attack back

•The Hiders can either hide normally or use the Snowmen to their advantage and blend in.

•To win, all Hiders must be eliminated. If any Hiders survive the time limit then they win.


Important Notes

•You are allowed to destroy any decoy Snowmen to take their place and place any decoys of your own.

•Due to the game mechanics Pickaxe Damage is on so I advise you play with people you trust who won’t break out of the map and cheat.

•Destroying Anything that is not a snowman is considered cheating.

•The Snowmen are currently bugged and there is a chance that some map fall through the objects or floors they are on. If this happens then just reset the game and they should return to their regular places.

Map Updates

No map updates yet.


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Map Videos

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  • 2 - 16 Players
  • 13 Copies
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