Ghost HQ: Horde Survival Mission

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Map Updates

February 16, 2021

Fiends, Red Fiends and Brutes are slightly less healthly (-25 to 50 HP)

Ammo now granted after Boss Fights

February 17, 2021

Penalty Shops added after boss fights, penalty shops only offer ammo and double the prices!

Text boards added after boss fights, geared toward story telling

February 18, 2021

Shop updated: 2 items removed

Med kit replaced with Chug Splashes
Heavy AR replaced with Dual Pistols

After Capturing the Village random reward from loot pool will be rewarded (Coin, gun, meds or ammo)

HUD devices welcoming player

GG room created

Class reverts after eliminated

February 19, 2021

Class reverts after round ends

After-Death room added

Lowered chance to find items in crate to 14.3%

More searchable crates added

Map Description

[1-4 players] Cross over the Bridge to the GHOST HQ to uncover the mystery to what had happen there!

Shadow had offered the coordinates to this base they had discovered inside a DESERT CANYON for 1 million battle royal victories in their honor! 1 million victories royales in their honor has been achieved 

Horde Survival Mission [HARD]
Difficulty increases with more players ( increased zombie spawns)

Complete Tasks as your squad crosses over the Bridge

Scavange* Crates to find guns, ammo, meds and coins (16.5% Chance)

Coins can be spent at "Shop" located in "Forts" that can only be accessed after the boss fight and before the next level is started

Gain coins by eliminating fiends


Special zombie trap mechanics that makes players feel overwhelmed

4 level, 3 "boss" fights

Select from 8 Class!

Cowboy upgrades to Governor
Lever action rifle & revolver
Double Coins per kill
Celebrity upgrades to Super Star
Tactical SMG & Tactical Shotgun
Fast Shoes, Holds no shields
Ghost Agent upgrades to Ghost Officer
Scar & Burst SMG
Opens Agent ID doors
Noob upgrades to Pro
SMG & Pump Shotgun
Max Shields increase
Detective upgrades to Meddling Kid
Lever action Shotgun & Pistol
Increase chance at finding items when Scavenging*  (33% Chance)
Specialist upgrades to Cyborg
Bolt Action Sniper & Revolver
Soldier upgrades to Sargant
AR & Heavy Shotgun
Chance to be revived!
Medic upgrades to Doctor
Compact SMG & Bandage Bazooka
Heal your teammates!

Current Scavenge loot pool
Charge shotgun, grenade launcher, flashlight pistol, double barrel, floppers, mini-shields, slurp fish
Each item found comes with chance of random ammo type or coins

2 Easter Eggs


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Rating :

It is good but I would love for it to be able to choose the same class


I hope it isn’t that hard to do if you are willing to do that


Can you make it so there can be multiple people like 2 ghost agents

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