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Gun Game: Among Us (SKELD)


Map Description

Welcome to Among Us Gun Game! This map is a replica of The Skeld from Among Us, the deception/puzzle game that took the internet by storm over the past month. For the true Among Us experience, feel free to check out games like Admist Us by KK Slider and DolphinDom.

Into this Gun Game, the Crewmates decided to get heated after they couldn’t decide whether Yellow or Blue vented out of Electrical (truth is, it was Pink.) so now everyone is at an all out war. I guess they’re all Impostors now? Who knows?

Anyway, you have 25 Weapons to complete in order to win, starting with the Submachine Gun, and ending with a Rusty Can. The Underdog Boost from Parka Hills – Gun Game: On Ice is also present in this map. After 5 Deaths, you’ll gain a 1.75x damage multiplier to assist you in moving on to the next weapon.

When Players spawn in, they spawn in front of a map of The Skeld. They can use this map to teleport to any vent marked in the rooms on the map. Speaking of Vents, jumping (or running, or crouching too) into a vent will take you to another vent nearby based on the official skeld pathing, allowing you to quickly access other parts of the ship. Just don’t camp vents. That’s rude. Especially the Admin vent.


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