Inmate: Prison Break

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Either dedicate your days to breaking out of prison and become the richest criminal of Kilta City by robbing banks, going on heists and even seeking revenge on the guards that once tormented you!

Or choose to fight for your life as a guard to avoid Inmates’ escapes and protect the city from the wrath of the fugitives!

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Map Updates

2 years ago

Inmate: Prison Break V4.0 Update Patch Notes
- Cars now use a fuelling system
- Gas station now has fuel pumps and parking points
- Removed Cow Catchers
- Added Off-Road tyres in vending machines
- Added repair torches
- Criminal car is now a red pick-up truck rather than a Red prevalent
- Added 2 extra police cars in prison (was 2, now 4)
- Added refuel stations/ petrol pumps at gas station and near vehicle spawns
- Added free Criminal exclusive starter pack in criminal hideout
- Added paid for exclusive criminal exotics in criminal hideout
- Added criminal hideout vehicle item shop
- Matchmaking is now disabled after 100 minutes (you won’t be put into a game that’s about to end)
- New special offer in weapon store (finally)
- New swimmable water in lake with more depth
- New wooden pier on lake
- New realistic water under Kilta park fountain
- Added respawn button to plane that can be activated with a keycard
- Lit up areas around the prison and city more
- Enabled lights on city buildings and street lights
- Another new XP awarding secret message hidden in prison
- Replaced bank heist red/ green lights with lava rocks that disappear
- Updated bank heist timer visuals in vault
- Bank heist targets may reappear and can potentially require re-shooting
- Minor and major bug fixes and improvements

(V4.1 will release this weekend addressing any bugs and minor improvements)

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, join my discord server and drop them in there:

2 years ago

- Added sprinting
- Added mantling
- Added over shield
- Added a barrier over labyrinth
- Attempted to remove some fog during daytime
- Fixed a damaged road in city
- Removed team select music
- Removed reference device
- Added waterfall in city park
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

2 years ago

- Added player nametags to show when close to players and directly looking at them
- Removed the secret prison disco
- Added robbing mechanics to cash registers in jewellery store
- Fixed an issue causing the map to be able to set on fire
- Added badge icons on HUD beacons
- Added an item disposal in city
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

2 years ago

- Fixed players getting stuck in driftboard shop between purchases
- Added Respawn buttons to police cars
- Added button to register player as statue at the monument
- Fixed incorrect driftboard price (new price: 200 gold)
- Fixed an issue where players were given thousands of score for using the driftboard
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

2 years ago


- Added The new and improved Bank Heist

- Back rows of city redesign

- Added the mythic shop

- Added the explosives shop

- Made price modification to certain items
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

3 years ago

- Removed Pre-Game lobby and Pre-Game phase
- Game now automatically starts and spawns players in Team Select
- Added Support-a-Creator Device in prison
- Updated city buildings
- Back end mechanic changes and updates
- Added a 30 minute playtime reward
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
Note: Bank Heists were not re-enabled this update although they will be the primary focus of V3.3

3 years ago

- Increased Player Limit from 16 to 32
- Player Gold and Score is now saved between rounds
- Added various statistics tracked in the Scoreboard
- "Score" stat now reflects seconds a player has been playing Inmate- all time
- General Prison Aesthetics Redesign
- General City Aesthetics Redesign
- Pre-Game lobby de-clutter
- Incorporated Realistic Skydome Devices
- Most shops now sell items in vending machines
- Decreased size of "The Landfill"
- Added "The Disco" hidden in the Landfill
- Major difficulty increase of "The Labyrinth"
- Yard Watctowers Mechanics Improvements
- Added the Prison Emergency Room
- Various City Buildings improvement
- Temporarily Removed Bank and Jewellery Store Heists
- Major Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

3 years ago

Released V3.0!!
- Major City Extension
- New Road Layout and Design for a "cleaner" look
- Added mountains around entire Island
- Weapon Shop ordered by rarity
- New available items
- New "landfill" POI in prison
- Added item disposals around the map
- Item shops built-in with item disposals enabled
- Minor aesthetics redesign
- Major Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

3 years ago

Added the Prison Labyrinth and rewards for completing it, fixed all known z-fighting of structures/ props, gave players the ability to drop/ swap weapons in the weapons store, fixed issue where a car can randomly respawn, barricaded the entrance to unintended room by the cafeteria vent escape, minor bug fixes and improvements

3 years ago

You now keep gold after respawning, minor bug fixes and improvements

3 years ago

Minor bug and error fixes, minor general gameplay improvements, increased safety of the criminal base

3 years ago

Released V2.0! Introducing the new Warzone update; 3 new prison POI's, balancing changes, fixed minor issues and bugs, majorly adjusted prison camp pathing and exterior aesthetics, improved prison lighting


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Best map maker I’ve ever seen, I hope this prison map blows up so I can play it with 16 players it’s gonna be so good. 11/10 Adam is the GOAAAT

Space G

Great Map I would definitely recommend it!


An absolutely amazing map! No idea how you made this bro, it’s insane! I personally prefer it to the famous ‘prison breakout’ as I just love the eerie vibe given off by the prison and the whole daylight cycle stuff! Great job on this map!


The new V2.0 update is insane! Definitely wanna see this map featured in a matchmaking portal to play with a ton of people! Would be great fun!!


this map is sick no cap. i used your code btw

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