Inmate: Prison Break

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Either dedicate your days to breaking out of a prison and become the richest criminal of Kilta City by robbing banks, going on heists and even seeking revenge on the guards that once tormented you!

Or choose to fight for your life as a guard to avoid Inmates’ escapes and protect the city from the wrath of the fugitives!

2x Featured Map in Up & Coming!!

Map Updates

Updated 2 months ago

Released V3.0!!
- Major City Extension
- New Road Layout and Design for a "cleaner" look
- Added mountains around entire Island
- Weapon Shop ordered by rarity
- New available items
- New "landfill" POI in prison
- Added item disposals around the map
- Item shops built-in with item disposals enabled
- Minor aesthetics redesign
- Major Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

Updated 5 months ago

Added the Prison Labyrinth and rewards for completing it, fixed all known z-fighting of structures/ props, gave players the ability to drop/ swap weapons in the weapons store, fixed issue where a car can randomly respawn, barricaded the entrance to unintended room by the cafeteria vent escape, minor bug fixes and improvements

Updated 5 months ago

You now keep gold after respawning, minor bug fixes and improvements

Updated 6 months ago

Minor bug and error fixes, minor general gameplay improvements, increased safety of the criminal base

Updated 6 months ago

Released V2.0! Introducing the new Warzone update; 3 new prison POI's, balancing changes, fixed minor issues and bugs, majorly adjusted prison camp pathing and exterior aesthetics, improved prison lighting


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Best map maker I’ve ever seen, I hope this prison map blows up so I can play it with 16 players it’s gonna be so good. 11/10 Adam is the GOAAAT

Space G

Great Map I would definitely recommend it!


An absolutely amazing map! No idea how you made this bro, it’s insane! I personally prefer it to the famous ‘prison breakout’ as I just love the eerie vibe given off by the prison and the whole daylight cycle stuff! Great job on this map!


The new V2.0 update is insane! Definitely wanna see this map featured in a matchmaking portal to play with a ton of people! Would be great fun!!


this map is sick no cap. i used your code btw

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  • 299 Copies
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