Kick the Can: Halloween

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Kick the Can: Halloween
Island code: 0555-3167-2030
Description: (3-16) Players / 2 Teams

*Team 1 (1 player)* Defend the objectives and eliminate Team 2 to win.

*Team 2 (2-15 players)* Destroy the objectives and survive to win.

*Team 1*
Abilities: Invincible, fast run
Equiped with: Flashlight Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Chiller Grenades, Boogie Bombs, Torch

*Team 2*
Abilities: Stealth
Equiped with: Flashlight, Torch, Shadow Bombs

Notes: Ring doorbells (Trick or Treat) to receieve impulse grenades for mobility and Team 2 defense. *Team 2* hide in the darkness and use shadow bombs to get away quick. *Team 1* Use chiller grenades and boogie bombs to slow down your opponent.

Inspiration: Gameplay inspired by the backyard neighborhood classic, Kick the Can. Kick the Can is a game that includes elements of tag, hide n seek, and capture the flag; use skill, strategy, stealth, and agility to win! Time: 3am on Halloween Night (very dark to require flashlight use)

What makes it unqiue:
Incorporates hide n seek, tag, and capture the flag elements. Teams, although unbalanced in terms of player count, are balanced due to weapon loadout, map layout/time, objective placement, and available mobility routes/items. Gameplay is designed to give players the ability to strategize how they want to play. They can play it fast and in the open using mobility routes & items to bounce across the map or they can play it slow and stealthy, keeping to the shadows and staying out of sight. Map is custom, visually appealing, and immersive. The dark suburban neighborhood contains halloween scare inspired scenes.

Message me with any suggestions or just to show support! @Buszels

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