Llamas Control

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LLamas Control is a high entertainment minigame In which two teams face each other fighting for the possession of the llamas, those who get more llamas for their base will get more points that will lead them to victory.

The objetive is to reach 200 points each round, each llama you capture will give you 20 points, kills 3 points, assists 1 point. Each team has 3 llamas in their base that they must protect and 3 that belong to the opposing team that they must steal, having all the 6 llamas in their base means having the Llamas Control. Each elimination will give the player 50 golds that they can use for buying items in the vending machines

Victory = 200 Points
LLama Captured = 20 Points
Kills = 3 Points
Assists = 1 Point

• Did you pick up a llama?, use vehicles to get it faster to your base!.
• You gain 50 golds per kill, remember to buy items in the vending machine.

Map Updates

No map updates yet.


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Llamas Control

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