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Welcome to Mainstream Mall. You and your team must take over the mall to become the reigning champion of the food court.

You and your team must capture the zones around the mall to earn your franchise points. Watch out because the zone moves every 2 minutes.

Choose between 5 different classes. The mall security suggests that you each pick a different class to make the game balanced.

โ€ข Eliminate opponents to regain items

โ€ข White zone: 1+ point a second

โ€ข Green zone: 2+ points a second

โ€ข Kill: 1+ point

โ€ข First to 200 wins


Map Updates

Updated 5 months ago

New competition has entered the mall!

๐ŸŽฏ The Assassin
๐ŸŒฒ The Outdoorsman

New classes

Updated 5 months ago

Added support for 30 players!

Updated 5 months ago

Added 3 rounds

Updated 7 months ago

Reduced number of points needed to win to 200

Updated 7 months ago

Removed: Dance to regain items

Switched to: Eliminate opponents to regain items


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Super fun map

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