Michael Myers Returns

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Run from Michael Myers in iconic Halloween locations. Avoid the evil psychopath until the round ends and it's your turn to murder your friends. 2-16 Players

Use sophisticated loops and escape paths to deter the killer or keep Michael Myers busy until the time expires.

Find loot and interactable objects around the map that can give you an edge in sticky situations, such as Smoke Grenade, Repair Torches, and a variety of perks to find.

This creation is updated periodically with new Fortnite Creative features and items

Map Updates

2 years ago

*Replaced every tree on the map with new custom trees
*added new "loops" and shortcuts to keep the game fresh
*reworked some vending machines with new items, added two new vending machines entirely (locations: Mechanic shop and elementary school)
*Replaced all classic fortnite bushes with new spooky gallery bushes
*reduced killer speed advantage from 20% to 10%
*added heartbeat announcements when a survivor is nearby at 45 second intervals.


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Leonard Burgess

where is Michael’s mom in the hospital

Michael Myers in Fortnite!

  • 4 - 16 Players
  • 668 Copies
  • Published
  • Updated

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Michael Myers Returns

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