Content Patch v8.11 – Black Glass Island and Flint-Knock Pistol


This week’s update is admittedly pretty small compared to the most recent v8.10 patch but it has two exciting additions that are worth checking out! We got ourselves a new Black Glass Island along with a new weapon – the Flint-Knock pistol.


Black Glass Island
Reflect your creativity onto this brand new island!

Flint-Knock pistol
Knock, knock…who’s there? Flint-Knock! Flick-Knock who? I.. er… didn’t think this far ahead. But probably don’t open the door for a gun, just saying. Pick the perfect time and knock yourself or enemies back with this new weapon!


  • Black Glass Island
  • Fixed an issue where grenades were thrown from outside the save volume of islands, toward the island, would apply grenade effects (eg. knockback, chiller effects) to other players and vehicles.


  • Flint-Knock Pistol
    • Available in Common and Uncommon Rarities.
    • Found from Floor Loot.
    • Knocks back the shooter. Can also knock back the target if they’re close enough.
      • The closer you are to the target, the farther they get knocked away.
      • The shooter can crouch to prevent the knockback.
    • Close range damage: 86/90
      • Significant damage falloff.
    • Must reload after each shot.
      • 3 second reload time.
    • Uses Heavy Ammo.


  • Fixed an issue where some objects had become un-targetable with the Phone, such as Llamas and Vehicles. Those now react correctly when targeted by the Phone.


  • Fixed an issue where a Sentry would occasionally not cause damage to players.


  • Made stability improvements around ending and leaving games in Creative Mode.

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Content Patch v8.11 – Black Glass Island and Flint-Knock Pistol