Content patch v9.10 – Burst SMG, Mine Theme and Ground Floors!


Attention Fortnite builders! You know what time of the week it is. New Fortnite content update v9.10 is live! Although it’s a minor update, it has a few additions to the game which are definitely worth checking out. You will see a new exciting weapon, new theme, and some ground floor prefabs and galleries! Let’s hop into patch notes…


Burst SMG
Powerful close-combat weapon!

New Ground Floors
Alter your creations flooring to capture the correct atmosphere!

Mine Theme
Create your own mineshaft to explore!


  • Burst SMG
    • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
    • Fires a quick 4 round burst.
    • Deals 23, 24, 25 damage.
    • 1.75x headshot multiplier.
    • 24 round magazine.
    • Uses Light Ammo.


  • Added 4 New Ground Floor Galleries
    • Grass X Dirt Gallery B – similar design to the previous Grass Floor Gallery, but now features sprigs of grass.
    • Grass X Wavy Sand Floor Gallery
    • Wavy Sand X Sand Floor Gallery
    • Snow X Gravel Floor Gallery
  • Added Ring Gallery B – which features rings the same colors as the beacon lights.
  • Added the Mine Gallery.
  • Added a Prop Door Gallery – doors that act as props, so they can be placed anywhere.
  • Added a Variant Wall Gallery – giving more customization options for buildings.

Full patch notes with bug fixes are here. Are you excited about the new additions? Let us know in the comments!

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Content patch v9.10 – Burst SMG, Mine Theme and Ground Floors!