Patch v8.01 – Return of Vaulted Weapons and New Prefabs!


New week, new update! Updates typically come out on Tuesday or Thursday, but we know how much Epic likes to change things up! Speaking of which, the new content-packed season released last week is in full swing and we’ve got even more updates to Fortnite Creative mode today!

Since we had a big patch last week we weren’t expecting anything special this week, but there are some additions worth mentioning.


What is your favorite OG weapon that’s vaulted and you want back in the game and why is it the Tactical SMG? Good news. The Tactical SMG has been added to Creative mode!


Another weapon that’s added to the Creative this week is Drum Gun. It can be used in a variety of mini-games and deathmatch arenas for all of you who miss it in Battle Royale mode. Personally, I’m glad it’s out. Don’t @ me.


Sprays are now saved in your creative islands! Use your sprays to decorate and add some personality to your creations. The limit of 3 per island is a thing of the past. Now each spray has a small cost on the memory thermometer.


  • Added All New Elemental Cube Gallery – beginning with 4 variations of water.
  • Added new Bridge and Girder Galleries in a variety of colors.
  • Added new Visualizer Gallery XL – now you can go big with your music!
  • Added new Obstacle Course Galleries in a variety of colors.


  • Billboard Device will now update immediately when changes are made.
  • Billboard Device will no longer be able to bypass the Language Filter.
  • Player Spawn Pads will no longer be removed when destroying the supporting floor tile.

Check out the official patch notes here.

What are you most excited about in this patch? Let us know in the comments!

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Patch v8.01 – Return of Vaulted Weapons and New Prefabs!


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