The PUMP Shotgun is STILL in Fortnite!

gold pump shotgun in Fortnite

⌚ It's news, but it's not NEW news

Just a heads up, this post is over 6 months old. FCHQ just REstarted covering Fortnite Creative mode.

We're going to be covering Fortnite Creative mode leaks, news, and showcasing Fortnite Creative talent like never before.

Fortnite Creative has huge potential, and we're covering it all, so stick around.

If you look in the comments on any post by the official Fortnite Twitter account, you'll instantly be presented with dozens of BR players pleading with "Mr. Epic" to return the much-loved pump shotgun to the game, after it was vaulted with the launch of Season 5.

While bringing the pump back (and 100% chest spawn) would be great additions to the BR game mode, this is a great opportunity for the other game mode in Fortnite. And no, I don't mean Save the World 😅

Fortnite Creative mode allows anyone to create their own game modes and if you have your own Support-a-Creator code, you can even publish those maps for other people to play.

If you're just looking for a game to play with a pump again, you're in luck! With 14,792 maps to choose from, you certainly have a lot of options.

Need help choosing a map to play?

FCHQ is all about helping players find the perfect maps to play, so let's check out some options!

Play with your squad

Already have a party going? Load up a popular boxfight map or zone wars map.

Most of these will have a pump option, though quite a few of them will be using the new dragon shotgun.

Play with strangers

Jump into Fortnite Creative mode (either 'Create' or 'Play' mode) then find the 'Matchmaking portals' - the hub changes every Tuesday, so they won't always be in the same spot. Here's what they look like at the time of this article:

Hub by @tiny

From here you can interact with one of the matchmaking portals, or you can use the teleporters to go into rooms dedicated to the three different featured genres.

Use one of these rifts to enter a room containing more Fortnite Creative maps

"Practice Maps" are your boxfight, zone wars, and 1v1 maps. These are probably what you're looking for if you want to use a pump shotgun in Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative "Practice Maps"

"Combat Maps" consist of gun games, sniper maps, search & destroy, capture point maps and other PvP (Player vs Player) maps.

Fortnite Creative "Combat Maps"

"Variety Maps" are more casual maps like hide & seek, prop hunt, deathruns, mini games, parkour, racing maps, and adventure maps.

Fortnite Creative "Variety Maps"

After you interact with a portal, you'll load up with other people doing the same thing. Enjoy 1-pumping your opponents!


At FCHQ, we're dedicated to promoting the best maps in Fortnite Creative mode. We help Creators (map-makers) get players for their maps, and help players find maps they want to play.

Writers and Leakers wanted

Are you passionate about Fortnite Creative? We're looking for dedicated creators and players to cover the goings-on in the Fortnite Creative world!

Interested? Get in touch

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Can some one can show me how to get a crater code

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