v10.10 Content Update [SCREENSHOTS] – Dusty Prefabs and Galleries, NEW Junk Rift!


Fairly small content update this week but it brought Dusty Depot and Diner Prefabs and Galleries. We hope you’ll get good use of it!

There is also a new item Junk Rift that we find very interesting. Take a look..


Prefabs and Galleries 
With these prefabs and galleries, celebrate the return of Dusty Depot or reminisce on Dusty Diner!


Junk Rift
Heads up! You can now deal with opponents by dropping heavy things on them. With the power of the Rift, summon anchors, cars, and more to fall from the sky. 


  • Added 5 New Prefabs
    • Dusty Depot Blue Warehouse
    • Dusty Depot Gray Warehouse
    • Dusty Depot Red Warehouse
    • Dusty Depot Visitor Warehouse
    • Dusty Diner

Added 2 New Galleries

  • Dusty Depot & Diner Gallery
  • Dusty Depot & Diner Prop Gallery


  • Junk Rift
    • A throwable item that breaks on contact and spawns a large object in the sky that plummets to the ground.
      • The plummeting object:
        • Damages players and destroys everything in its path.  
        • Creates a small shockwave upon landing that damages players and destroys everything in its radius.
      • Damage:
        • Direct hit: 200
          • Direct hits slightly knock players back.
        • Shockwave hit: 100
        • Both hits immediately destroy vehicles and destructible objects on impact.
    • Epic Rarity.

Are you excited about the new additions? Let us know in the comments!

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v10.10 Content Update [SCREENSHOTS] – Dusty Prefabs and Galleries, NEW Junk Rift!