v9.30 Content update #1 [SCREENSHOTS] – Kevin Prefabs and Galleries!


This week’s update is fairly small compared to the most recent v9.30 patch but it brought us long-anticipated “Kevin the cube” prefabs and galleries. Let’s check the patch notes!


Kevin Prefabs + Galleries
Featuring a cube so cool, it even has a name!



  • Added 4 New Prefabs:
    • Kevin Lake House Island
    • Kevin Destroyed Cube Island
    • Kevin Destroyed Dino Island
    • Kevin Destroyed House Island
  • Added 11 New Galleries:
    • Kevin Cube Gallery
    • Kevin Cube Shards Prop Gallery
    • Kevin Island
    • Kevin Destroyed Island
    • Kevin Particle Gallery
    • Lake House Roof & Wall Gallery
    • Lake House Floor & Stair Gallery
    • Lake House Island Prop Gallery
    • Rock & Root Nature Gallery
    • Note: We’re aware of an issue where some of these assets will delete themselves if placed in certain ways with the Phone.

Players are extra excited about Kevin! Check out some of the Reddit posts below.

Full patch notes with bug fixes are here. Are you excited about Kevin finally making in Creative? Let us know in the comments!

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v9.30 Content update #1 [SCREENSHOTS] – Kevin Prefabs and Galleries!