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Parka Hills – Gun Game: On Ice


Map Description

[2-16] – The most Slidey, Mobile Gun Game you can find. 25 Weapons to breeze through, 3 rounds. Just make sure to Chill out πŸ™‚

Welcome to Parka Hills! A Small, Frigid town. The Town is currently undergoing a Blizzard, creating a Light Fog in the air. Due to how cold it is here, everything is covered in Ice! You’ll slide everywhere you go. This Area is high up in the air, so the forces of Gravity aren’t as strong here either. Jump up High, and Glide Around to gain Speed. The Faster you go, the harder you are to hit! It’s also wayyy more fun. Being slow is just boring. Shame the Blizzard came during the Gun Game Event!

-25 Weapons to breeze through (pun entirely intended). First Player to slide past all 25 Eliminations wins the round!

-If nobody breaks the 25 Goal after 15 Minutes, the player with the Most Eliminations wins the round!

-You’re always Sliding thanks to the Grind Power Up being applied when Players Spawn.

-Low Gravity is enabled, allowing players to Jump High and gain speed from Redeploy!

-The Map Contains a few secrets. Kudos if you find them!


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