Rabbit's Foot: Bomb Hunt

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(Fun for Streamers)
THRILLING Find & Deactivate the bomb as 2 Taggers hunt you down like rabbits in a 5 story APT Building! [Team Based mini-game]
5 rounds

2 Taggers, 10 rabbits 1-life
(1 Tagger to 5 Rabbits)

No one is allowed to leave the building when the game starts

5 floor apartment building, 80 apartments, 1 bomb randomly spawns behind 1 door

  • Rabbits
    must test doors to see if they are unlocked
  • Rabbits
    may find rubbish around in junk piles to help take on the taggers
  • Rabbits
    have 5 minutes to find the apartment with the unlocked door
  • Taggers
    will have different weapons per round
  • Taggers

    Hunt down Rabbits and Defend the apartment
  • Taggers

    Choose your spawn location in the building [Basement, Rooftop, The Elevator(Random Floor), The Objective (Inside the room with the bomb)]

The building is detailed with a maze like structure that serves purpose for gameplay
Apartments are not detailed, they do not serve for any function in game play


Inspired by Alice in Borderlands on Netflixย 

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  • 8 - 12 Players
  • 58 Copies
  • Published

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Rabbit's Foot: Bomb Hunt

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