🔥 16 Vs 16 CTF / 💯 Team Deathmatch 🔥

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Get 💯x3 Eliminations Or 10 Flags 🚩…
NEW! 🎃 Halloween Event…
NEW! 🌟 GOD Mode…
🚁 Planes, Chappas, Trucks…
🎯 Get Kill Streaks To Gain PowerUps…
🔮 Control The Purple Tower For Team PowerUp…
💪 Infinite Respawn…
💾 Scores Will Be Saved…
❓ All Loadouts Are Random…
🔥 All Weapons Are Included

Map Updates

Updated 2 months ago

Added - A Purple Base In the middle of the map, by the KillStreak pillars.
The team that controls it will gain 2x Power Up.

Updated 3 months ago

Weapons Pool Upgraded:
- Removed all Grey Weapons.
- Added Primal and Invasion weapons.
- Added new weapons (Rapid-fire SMG, Scope AR, and more)
- Added all new fishes to the loot pool like Vendetta and zero-point fish.

Fixed - broken (pickup life spawn every 30 seconds).
Fixed - issue where players could use enemy trucks.
Fixed - issue, where the player gets, continues Midas fish after achieving a high killstreak.
Fixed - issue, where it would give a player a 10 kill statue at 9 kills instead of at 10.

Removed - emoting effect that turned the Sky to (nebula purple) when someone was emoting.


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🔥 16 Vs 16 CTF / 💯 Team Deathmatch 🔥

Copy » Paste » Play! Need Help?


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