RUST (Snipers Shootout) Call of Duty Remake

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Eliminate your friends with Sniper Rifles and similar weapons on this classic multiplayer map from Call of Duty MW2.

Employ Killstreaks to dominate your friends:

3 Killstreak: Use Proximity Mines to lock down your environment

5 Killstreak: Instantly regenerate all health and protect yourself with Full Shields

7 Killstreak: Use the BOOM Bow to reign accurate, explosive effects on your enemies.

Updated with new Sniping weapons and general map improvements

Map Updates

2 years ago

Slightly moved weapon locations and increased visibility of the spawns.

Added text throughout the map in non-obstructive locations thanking players and advertising creator code

2 years ago

Reduced Health from 150 to 125 in order for the Heavy Sniper to kill players in 1 body shot.
Removed no-scope reticles with HUD control device
Removed mini=map and other useless display elements with HUD control device
Added more spawn points to further randomize spawn locations and accommodate a larger amount of players
Added more Sniping weapons in key locations of the map including Railgun, Automatic Sniper, Legendary Hunting Rifle, Scoped Crossbow.


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Pretty much a 1:1, good job!

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  • 2 - 8 Players
  • 1.1k Copies
  • Published
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RUST (Snipers Shootout) Call of Duty Remake

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