Space Theft

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Space Theft is a capture-the-point game mode from GameExpF as the mechanic creator and a new team member - aiphran as the designer. In Space Theft, humanity had to move from Earth to the closest place - the moon. Since then people made cities of the future, but not everyone had a place in that paradise. Some of them didn't have enough money and status to afford to live just as everyone else. And one year after the moon colonization, people decided to start a rebellion.

Get yours any possible way

Play as one of two teams and one of eight classes, each with its own advantages and equipment. As the thieves, explore the city and find new methods to get into one of the two banks and capture it. But you won't be alone: The police are roaming the streets to protect them. Their objective is to eliminate all the criminals or secure the points for 15 minutes.

Find out the secrets

There are multiple secrets across the map and lots of XP rewards (might be on calibration!). Our team made many interesting details for players to explore and get the full feeling of the world around them. Will you find them all?

Choose your side

Each team has its own reasons and ambitions. For someone it's the only way to survive, for the other it's a matter of justice. And while the world around you might seem very utopian and futuristic, who knows what happens behind the scenes?

All classes and their equipment:

  • Police
    • Officer
      • Tactical Pistol
      • Tactical Assault Rifle
      • Keycard
    • Tracker
      • Flacon scout
      • Thermal-Scoped Assault Rifle
      • Night Hawk
      • Shadow Tracker
      • Keycard
    • Tank
      • Minigun
      • Guardian Shield
      • Keycard
      • No sprint!
    • Sniper
      • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
      • Jules' Glider Gun
      • "Sniper's knife"
      • Keycard
    • Ninja
      • Kinetic Blade
      • Shadow Bombs
      • Keycard
  • Thieves
    • Demoman
      • Proximity Mines
      • Dynamite
      • Shield Bubble
      • Sidearm Pistol
    • Hacker
      • Abilities
        • Enable all roadblocks for 15 seconds
        • Disable security for 20 seconds
      • Makeshift Submachine Gun
    • Busher
      • Suppressed Assault Rifle
      • Suppressed Sniper Rifle
      • Big Bush Bomb
      • Bush
    • Healer
      • Bandage Bazooka
      • Rail Gun
      • Slap Juice
    • Destroyer
      • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle
      • Havoc Pump Shotgun


Map made by:

Mechanics: GameExpF

Design: aiphran

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  • 2 - 8 Players
  • 7 Copies
  • Published
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Space Theft

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