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Tact’s Ultimate Battle Royale (Solos)

Battle Royale - Solos

The Primary gamemode. For those who want a Casual Competitive Experience.

Battle Royale - Duos

Team up with a Partner and take on the challenge together.

Battle Royale - Squads

Squad Up with other players and game for glory.

LTM - Sword Fight 2.0 (Solos)

Solos - Every Single POI has a Sword In The Stone placed down. Claim The Infinity Blade and Wreck Havoc. Guns are still available though, so be extra careful where you go!

LTM - Foggy Day (Solos)

Solos - Regular Battle Royale Mode, but the entire Island is covered in an Thick Fog. Don't get lost, and keep an eye out for Enemies.

Map Description

2-16 Players – Custom Battle Royale Island made entirely from Scratch. Swimmable Water, 50 Siphon and Multi-Phase Storm. You gain 2x Materials from Harvesting, and extra Chests spawn due to the lack of Floor Loot. Get Battling the way you want!

  • Drop Into Unqiue POI’s such as Sudoman Secret Labs, Hyper Space with it’s Strange Portals and Lost Labyrinth; a recreation of one of Tact’s old Blocks!
  • Swim Around all you like, and negate Fall Damage.
  • All Chests contain the current Battle Royale Loot Pool, so the map will stay up to date with the Meta.
  • The Storm has 8-Phases. The longer your game lasts, the more intense the storm will get. End Game Scenarios feel like Zone Wars, but faster paced.
  • Since Siphon is enabled to 50, The more aggressive gameplay is also more rewarding!
  • Play Solos, Duos or Squads Varients, with LTM’s on the way!


  • 6v6 Team Rumble – Of Course, since some players aren’t comfortable with Solos. Respawns are on, first team to 25 Eliminations wins.
  • Dark Hour – Themed Around Persona 3, this LTM makes the map dark, slightly foggy with a Green-ish tint and every player Spawns with Revolvers to symbolise the Evokers held by SEES.

This map will be updated with new Modes or changes to Modes overtime. Enjoy everyone! -Tact


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