The Agency gun game

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Take on your opponents in this Agency themed gun game.

Try to open the vault and get the Midas' powerup


For each kill you make you will be granted 5 gold, there is also gold spreaded around the map, with this gold you will be able to go down to the vault level and enter the powerups room, use the gold to get powerups like Skye, Brutus, Meowscles and TnTina

Or you can use your gold to skip an weapon or buy an one kill use grappler


Each round is different since the weapon mechanic randomizes the starter weapon and all of the others aswell for all games, there is also a small chance that you will get Midas' powerup in an normal weapon loadout and end the game with an pickaxe elim.

Thats all to it, Enjoy playing


Map Updates

No map updates yet.


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Additional Video

Additional Video

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