The Blue Knights Keep: GUN GAME

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Map Updates

December 25, 2020

'Challenge' mechanics are being worked on
Challenges added 'Total Kills' 5, 10, 15, 20, & 30 kill markers

Suggested by from Reddit

December 25, 2020

Player reference devices added now track the 'Leader' or first to complete the challenge markers!

Added Chance to get a mobility item or health item... Chance to get nothing (Gold coins)

December 26, 2020

More player references added to the castle

Some spawn points have changed location for 'Smooth gameplay' experience

Mechanics for referencing the Kill Leader sometimes would not register, This is "Fixed" dependent on players personal decision to explore far from the castle

Materials will no longer be granted if you have maximum materials

December 26, 2020

Load in Lobby added

UI Updated

Kill leader reference stopped working... Fix coming soon

Team names added to represent Fractions inside the Kingdom of Legacy

January 1, 2021

Fixed an issue where the First weapon wasn't granting

Added a chance for a second item to spawn in inventory on elimination (Item is mobility or meds)

January 29, 2021

Changed how the first weapon was granted (Players joining in mid-game will no longer spawn without a gun)

First weapon changed from 'Boom Bow' to 'Mini-gun'

Map Description

[Gun Game] #FortniteGoTime

1st Installment in Kingdom of Legacy

Embark into the Kingdom of Legacy & experience The Blue Knights Keep! First to 30 kills wins,  Unlimited Ammo, 9 minutes, 1 secret room, chances for mobility items or med items on kill!

Highly detailed custom castle, interior is complete!

Design based off real world castles!
Up to 16 players! Spawn randomly around the castle

CHRISTMAS DROP =) Enjoy the holidays!

Additional Video


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How to play Fortnite Creative maps

The process of loading up a Fortnite Creative map can seem complicated if you've never done it before, but it's actually pretty straightforward.

Simply follow the steps below to load up a Fortnite Creative map in the game!

Step 1: Start Fortnite in 'Creative' mode

You'll have the option of choosing between 'Save the World", "Battle Royale", and "Creative". You'll want to select 'Creative' to load up a Fortnite Creative map in the game.

Step 2: Launch a Fortnite Creative Server

You have three options from here.

  • If you choose 'Island Code' you will be able to load up a map using a Fortnite Creative code.
  • If you choose 'Create' you will enter a private Creative Hub that only you can access.
  • If you choose 'Play' you will load a public server with random Fortnite Creative players.

For the purposes of loading up a Fortnite Creative map that you want to play just by yourself or with your party, select 'Island Code'.

Step 3: Enter the code for the map you want to play

Type in (or copy/paste) the map code you want to load up.

(Reminder: The map code for The Blue Knights Keep: GUN GAME is 7026-5794-6547)

Step 5: Play the map!

Simply repeat this process any time you want to load up a new map. Have fun!

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