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The Best Fortnite Maps!

This is a new Matchmaking Hub inside of Fortnite Creative that FCHQ is using to feature high-quality maps for everyone to enjoy together.


Feature Friday Portal Winner

Every week, one map from Feature Friday is selected to be added to the FCHQ hub. The winner this week is:

What is Feature Friday?

Every Friday, Fortnite map-makers submit their maps to be playtested by a team of expert map-makers. The very best ones are selected to be featured on the homepage of FortniteCreativeHQ.com.

How do I submit a map?

To submit a Feature Friday map you need to have a 'Support-a-Creator' code and be able to publish maps for others to play. If you're a map-maker, sign up as an HQ Creator here!

New Mobile App!

Find spooky maps, hide & seek, parkour, gun game, deathrun, prop hunt, and many other maps!

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