The Final Reckoning: Killer Camp (OUTDATED)

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One killer against up to 5 survivors.

Survivors must band together & search furniture for dynamite, while being hunted by a mysterious killer. Each round a different killer with different strategies.

You can run & you can hide.

Discover over 10 different hiding spots to use to your advantage as a survivor. As the killer, reach places no ordinary person could reach, & mask yourself in the shadows using the shadow bomb.

Explore the "Killer Camp".

Take your time & explore this unique yet familiar summer camp. But don't take too long. Your clock's ticking.

Note that this map may be subject to change through updates over time.

Map Updates

2 years ago

Removed gold and replaced it with mechanical parts.
Removed the pickaxe from survivors.
Added keycards for finding objectives.
Made tents exclusively accessible to survivors.
Added a storm that kills all survivors after 20 minutes.
Changed the music from "Haunted Hotel" to "Slasher Camp".
Added an extra way into the bathroom.
Made the killer a little faster than the survivors. (WIP)

2 years ago

Cleaned up the pre-game lobby.
Fixed Porta-Potty camping by replacing every Porta-Potty with a prop version.
Lowered the gold requirement from 50 to 25.

2 years ago

Added more windows for the killer to enter houses.
Added more aesthetic detail to cabin exteriors.
Cluttered the basement.
Added clearer signs for those who have never used shadow bombs.
Added more fences around the map.
Added a warning for the killer whenever a survivor is near the escape.

2 years ago

Added more furniture in houses.
Added mushrooms outdoors, so survivors can heal themselves.
Removed rusty cans, and replaced them with gold.
Fixed the issue where you can't "Craft Bottle Rockets" more than once.
Added more ways to get in and out of houses.


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Nice map! πŸ™‚


I like this game


ik right

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The Final Reckoning: Killer Camp (OUTDATED)

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