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The Final Reckoning: Escape The Killer


Map Updates

June 20, 2020

Made the Map Brighter For Low Graphics Devices

Map Description

Hello and Welcome To The Final Reckoning: Escape The Killer

Its Murder Mystery but with a Twist!


You can not kill him, the only way is to find the Cure


To find the Cure The Players have to find Buttons, each Building will have a button, and each button has an action

How to Unlock The Buttons?

To Unlock The Buttons, you must find the First one in The Final Reckoning Building, once found will open a new button to the City Hall and give the Murder a Power Up, But You Can Steal it from him!

The City Hall: The City Hall Button Will Unlock The Key which can be found at The Final Rockoning Building at the Front!

The Key: The Key is a Llama, grab it and go to the Tower of Monster Madness, in that tower The Injection Device Will Be Off, to enable it you must find the button hidden in the Tower, once found the Injection Machine will Charge Up, and you can inject the Llama, and a PowerUp will spawn for the Murder which will make you everyone one shot, so make sure to steal it, The Llama Injection will make the cure!

They Cure: The Cure Will Be Located Near The City Hall, go and take it to get the Victory!

Objective for the Murder:

The Murder has to stop the Players from getting the buttons by killing them!

The Cure: You have to find the Cure, it will be Near The City Hall, Get The


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