The Fortnite Backrooms

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After you wake up in the middle of the night, you find yourself trapped in another reality. Do you have what it takes to escape all the levels?
There are 18 available levels to play and explore. You can also find Teddy Bears hidden all around the map, and if you find enough you will unlock more levels. This makes it so you'll have to search every nook and cranny of the backrooms 🙂

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i love the map design but the chase scene is SERIOUSLY too hard for new players I’ve been playing the map for over an hour and the chase scene gives you no reaction time when you get stuck for more than 2 seconds..that is ridiculously hard. It was so enraging to die over and over and over 20 times in a span of 5 minutes I had to quit.. not fun after that… I’m sure pro players can get through it but I do not recommend for new players to Fortnite..


how long did it take to make


Me and my friends are having an issue where even though we each found every teddy bear, only one of us is able to access the secret level. It is telling everyone else that they have not yet earned access. How do we fix this? Every teddy bear is checked green and we have tried restarting the map


i cannot for the life of me get past bent reality we have been on it for almost 90 minutes with all teddy bears we just cant find the door


Hey, I’m struggling to find gas mask and I’ve been searching for an hour😭 Any hints?


Thank you so much! May i ask for a hint on the last level?

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The map was so great to play with me and my friend, we are just having a hard time getting to the secret level to The infinite Windows. We can’t get to the entrance at the Elevator, it seems like theres something blocking our way, what do we do ?


I’m completely stuck on the Poolrooms! It appears for the final valve though need to dive down… and I CAN’T!! Does anyone know where the valve is, or can I get a hint? I can’t find anything online… I’d love to keep playing this map, but I’m about to just quit 😭

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The Fortnite Backrooms

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