Void Royale- ch1 s2: Meaty Mayhem [v2.10]

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A br map made by Nova_toxik an help from others. Explore this vast island as you step into the wilderness. void royale has a synamic loot system, so you can get different loot depending on where you go. feel free to sub to my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdj3vS15jItcKv5DcoaT36A

or join my discord https://discord.gg/wDJdtps8Z3

drop in to the newly added season 2, consisting of 3 new locations and a new biome, more info here https://voidroyale.wixsite.com/game/copy-of-voidnews1-1

patch notes: {upddate 2.10} added the OG bear. added Surfboards. added Sunny Surfing location. added roads. added roadside rest landmark. removed props with too much memory.

check out our official twitter here https://twitter.com/royale_void

  • 2 - 16
  • 2.4k
  • 437
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Map Updates

June 4, 2021

season 2 wass added with a new biome, 3 new locations, and new lootpools

July 20, 2021

roadtrip update was assed with 2 new vehicles, a new road, one new location, and one new landmark. aside from that some props were removed


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